Top 10 Reasons to Use Google Meet with Friends

google meet with friends

Since the rise of the current pandemic, enterprises have turned to a work from home model to help combat the spread of the disease as advised by health practitioners. Zoom is one of the top video conferencing platforms that have made a lot of advancement, though recently it has faced competition from other similar apps. 

Google meet is another big name in this regard and provides a more secure and realistic way of organizing meetings and collaborating with friends online. Below are the top reasons why you should use Google Meet.

Meet with several friends

Google Meet allows you to interact with as many friends as you may want, up to 250 friends per call and 100,000 live streamers per domain. The application is available for desktop users, iOS, and Android phones. 

Friends will have many options for joining the Meet. Those with connectivity issues can also join via call, and the deaf turn on the captions feature and follow along.

Scheduled meetings

Planning for a meeting is easy with Google Meet via the Google Calendar. All you need to do is give a name, provide the meeting time, and add friends as participants. 

Scheduling meetings give members enough time to plan and clear their schedules during that time. You can also use GoogleTalk for Mac to send invitation messages to some of your friends. It’s equally effective and provides you a really good experience on your Mac.

Secure meetings

By allowing you to grant access to only friends you know, it forbids anonymous users from entering the call and avoids a potential information leak. Also, Google Meet encrypts all your videos and recordings. Every person has a unique encryption key transmitted via a secure remote procedure call and only leaves as long as the meeting is on.

Lower learning curve

For its simple user interface design, you do not need to install any additional software or browser extensions to start using the Meet, you only click on the link, and it opens in the same window that you started the call. 

Screen sharing is also pretty simple. You click present now and choose whether you want to share the entire screen, specific window size, or a browser window.

Adding users is simple

Unlike Zoom, where you have to have meeting codes and passwords, Google Meet makes things simpler by allowing you to grant or deny entry to participants. If you know a person, you admit to joining the Meet, and if you cannot recognize them, you deny access. Members can also join the meeting via a call if their phone call.

Increased participation

Google meet allows you and your friends to raise hands whenever there is a concern, which can be questions or something to add. The admin then approves it, and you get to share your views with the rest. 

In a meeting with a larger group, the feature makes the meeting flow well and look organized. The tool also includes a chat, instant polling, and screen sharing options.

Breakout rooms

When you have several groups that do a different task, Google Meet has a way of handling it. It makes it easier for larger groups to break into smaller groups and hold parallel discussions, and later they can reconvene to compile the outcomes of the debates. Meetings can also be recorded and saved to Google Drive for later review.

Moderator controls

As the meeting host or moderator, Google meet gives you an easy time identifying who attended and who did not attend the meeting. You can mute mikes, add more friends to meet, present to make the meeting go as planned. You can also keep out unwanted guests by hitting deny if you don’t know the person trying to join the conference.

Free 60 minutes call

Google limits its free account calling feature to 60 minutes, which is better than the 40 minutes other video conferencing applications provide. An hour can be enough to greet and pass a message to a friend, but if you want to talk longer, you can subscribe for $6 a month to enjoy the basic plan service that is relatively cheap compared to others in the same niche offer.

New features on the way

With the help of Google AI on the cloud, Google has promised to bring a noise cancellation feature to help reduce the background noise. The feature is targeted to be available for all Android, iOS, and desktop users. Also, Google is bringing background customization, such that you can hide your room background by using an image from the photo library or blur the view over the shoulders.

Google Meet is undoubtedly taking over Zoom and proving to be the best video conferencing platform because of its improved security, intuitive design, captions, and new features like background customization and noise cancellation, which is under development.