20 Things To Do At Home During Quarantine

With the outbreak of Coronavirus, we all have been advised to stay indoors. Self-isolation and Quarantine are terms that are constantly being repeated. So how are surviving this Quarantine? How are you going to use this time of self isolation? If you are looking for things to do during quarantine then you’ve landed on the right page. 

We’ve curated a list of things you could do to survive this period of isolation. From spending time with family to spending time with yourself, here’s a plethora of options that will help you to get through this stage. TheUnstitchd brings you a list of things to do that are interesting and productive as well.

Here are 20 things to do during the quarantine..

  • Talk

This is the best time for you to reunite with your family members. All you busy millennials who were always stuck at work, this is an opportunity for you to spend more time with your family. Strengthen your lost bond and let them know you still care.

  • Board Games

It’s time to go back to the days where staying indoors was still fun. And Board Games never got us bored. So go and get them out the chess,the monopoly,the classic snakes and ladder,scrabble or your uno cards. And trust me there’s no other good time then spending one with your fam playing these cool board games.

  • Treasure Hunt

Yes, for real! If your one of those with a Bigfat family and then this is literally the coolest thing you could do. Also if your family is one of those active and adventurous ones, then it’s like a cherry on the cake. You could start by creating some clues.And distributing them among the family members. More the merrier- family and clues.Make sure one clue leads to another. Make it as interesting and funny as possible. Now at the final destination, place the treasure. Now the treasure could be anything literally anything. Remember the sole purpose of this game is to have fun and spend more time together.

  • Film A Cooking Show

Bring out the chef in you during this quarantine period.It’s time to try new recipes,the tasty and healthy one’s.But let me tell you,if you’re someone who’s not so good at cooking and stuff, then I have a better idea for you.You could film a whole cooking show while someone who is a more better cook is busy trying new recipes.

  • Have A Karaoke Night

Time to gather all the good and bad singers of the house.Got someone who’s an amazing instrument player bring them out too. And host a karaoke night. No mikes and speakers? Don’t worry use a rolling comb as a mike and for speakers umm, you better off without them so just forget them! Sing, dance and enjoy! But make sure you’re not disturbing your neighbors too.

  • Cocktail Making Games

Play a cocktail making game.It’s time to given in your best shot! Think and make something of your own. It’s going to be so exciting to watch what everyone comes up with. Some would be weird while some may be the best.

Pro Tip- You could go on Pinterest and find some cool cocktail making ideas. A lil bit of cheating is okay because at the end you know the cocktail is going to taste the best!

  • Connect back with your lost friends

So by connecting I mean use technology okay? Call them, text them or Facetime them. Let them know you still miss them and how much you miss spending time with them. Talk about the good old days, get lost in nostalgia and relive all of those moments. And don’t forget to meet them all, once we are out of this chaos.

  • Finish that novel

Are you a reader? Are you someone who loves reading but gets no time to complete your favorite novel? This is it, then! Finish off that novel and read as many books during this quarantine period.

  • Write a Novel or Blog

Love to write? This is your time then! If you were waiting for that one day, where you could begin writing that book then this is that day, this is that time! Start now! Want to write a Blog? Go ahead do that. Can’t think of a topic? Start with something basic,something you’re fond of. It could be anything from fashion, food,travel to just anything. You need more ideas? Just google for some topics, read a few and trust me then you’ll know what you want to write about.

  • Learn a new language

Want to make this quarantine more productive? Start by learning a new language then. Technology is a boon and has definitely made learning more easy. Google and Youtube makes learning fun and simpler. So go search and start learning the language you always wished to learn.

If you’re a beginner looking for a language to start with, consider learning German language for beginners. With resources available online, it’s easier than ever to begin your language learning journey. Take advantage of this time at home and expand your horizons!

  • Learn to play a musical instrument

Let this forced isolation be a time for you to learn an instrument that you always wanted to play. There are various online courses available that will help you learn all sorts of instruments. Be it a guitar,a flute ,a piano or a violin. Take this isolation as an opportunity to learn and make it a productive one.

  • Draw,Paint or Craft

This is the right time to bring back the artists within you. Draw, colour,paint,craft and let your imagination fly. Can’t really think of anything, need a head start? Go to Pinterest and I’m sure you’ll find some really great ideas. Check out those Cool DIY’s and amazing crafting ideas and just begin!

  • Try Gardening

Gardening is a great way to pass time and add some greenery and positivity in your house. If you’re one of those lucky people who already have a garden,then start the cleaning, cutting and trimming. Appreciate the beauty of nature, the color,the smell. Spend time with your plants,take pretty pictures, talk to them. Yes, talk to them because as per my knowledge the more you talk to these beauties, the more fast they’ll grow. So grab this opportunity to let this period of self isolation connect you more to nature!

  • Spend time with your pets

If you’re an owner of the fur baby, I’m sure you’ve imagined a life where it’s only you and your fur baby. A life where you do just nothing but spend time with your baby. Then heyy, this is that life!! Talk,eat, sleep,play,take pictures, make funny videos and do everything with your pet. They’re all yours and you are all theirs. But keep in mind to stay safe, maintain a clean and hygienic environment for you and for them.

  • Play Video Games

A gamer getting bored? Nah, not possible! Gather your boys online and let the game begin. Legend of Zelda, This War of Mine, Sekiro, Sunless Skies, Manifold Garden are some of the best video games that will definitely help you get through this quarantine.

  • Clean, Organize and Rearrange

Clean your house not just today, tomorrow but everyday and specially during this particular phase. Cleaning your house will not only save you from the bacteria and virus but will also help you attract more positivity. And we do really need that a lot during this stage. Also what if re arranging and organizing your cupboard, drawers and shelves help you find some of your most precious long lost stuff?

Hahaha, I’m sure you’ll definitely find one.

  • Watch Movies, Series and Chill

What’s the first word that comes to your mind when I say CHILL? Yaas, you guessed it right! It’s Netflix. Let this period be a Netflix,Quarantine and Chill! Now please let’s not waste a minute and start binge watching our favorite shows and movies.

No wait,  we have a few more to go.. Check them out too and then you could let the series of show begin.

  • Social Media Scrolling

One cannot go a day without scrolling through  social media,right? This has to be everyone’s favorite passtime. From teenagers, to parents to our grandparents everyone’s into it! So when you’re really done with trying every possible thing to survive this quarantine, go scroll, share and post something on social media. But don’t keep doing that the whole day, okay?

  • Self Care

We’ve all been so busy with our lives lately, that we have totally forgotten the importance of self care. Workload and stress has made our life miserable and so this is the right time to pay attention to yourself. Exercise, meditate and practice yoga. Eat healthy, don’t binge on junk food and unhealthy stuff. Sleep more and give your body proper rest. Start now so that you can continue this pattern even after everything goes back to normal. Keep your mind calm and free from all negativities.Let this quarantine be an opportunity to relax your mind, body and soul.

  • More things to do

Bake a cake. Learn new words.Learn a new dance style. Or maybe choreograph one with your fam. Watch those really long movies that you’ve always been avoiding.Play with kids if you have one, talk to your grandparents. Share your stories and they’ll share their experiences. Watch the daily soap, take a walk in the house, keep moving. Don’t be a couch potato.

Take this time of self isolation positively, use this time for introspection. Learn about you, what you like, what you dislike, what you want, what matters, who matters, what doesn’t matter, your goals, your achievements and everything. Make the most of this time, and make it a productive one. Have fun, enjoy but also keep learning!

Lastly, Stay indoor and stay safe! We’re all going to get through this soon. Let’s stay positive and use this time to realise how valuable and important every moment of our life is!