4 Essential Thai Fashion Brands You Need to Try

Credit – Pixabay / Portraitor

It is a place that we are no strangers too, having visited before and produced an article outlining exactly what you should be packing for your Thailand vacation. That covered the practicalities of visiting the country, setting you up for the full Thai tourist experience. Expatbets explains how Thailand has a thriving tourism industry, with wonderful beaches and cities rich in heritage and culture. This in turn, attracts tourists from around the world, all wanting to experience the best the country has to offer.

On any holiday, you want to look the part and Thailand has an impressive array of designers and brands you can investigate to ensure you’re right up to date with the latest trends the minute you step off the plane. Even if you cannot get over to Bangkok for a vacation, there are a handful of Thai designers and fashion brands you really need to be checking out right now.


Asava is a thriving label that is currently taking Thailand by storm. They focus on women’s clothes with Sirinya’s Thailand revealing they produce garments that make the wearer feel comfortable and confident.

They have produced outfits for several institutions, including the Miss Thailand event, as well as Bangkok Airways, making them a brand you simply must investigate. Mixing contemporary designs with understated colours makes them a classy and yet unique choice amongst fashionistas in Thailand and beyond.

If you’re visiting Thailand, you can find Asava Stores at Sukhumvit 45, Siam Paragon, The Emporium and Central Chidlom.


Disaya is an established brand, led by Disaya “Aom” Sorakraikitikul, who studied fashion in the UK before returning to Thailand to set up the label 14 years ago. The brand has been boosted by several celebrity fans, including Anne Hathaway who was pictured in a Disaya at an event in Los Angeles in 2016.

Their clothes boast tight attention to detail, often featuring intricate stitching and elegant designs, which are both timeless with a very modern feel to them. That makes Disaya one of the most trusted brands coming out of Thailand.

Disaya outlets can be found at Siam Paragon, CentralWorld, Central Embassy, and The Emporium.


For something completely different, fashion fans should look to the iCONiC brand, fronted by Akaravuth “Louis” Pantumwanich. He takes his inspiration from the childhood dreams of young girls, which have been interpreted as bold, colourful and unique.

There is something very iconic about his style, a certain flair for colour and material which sets the brand aside from its peers. The choice of colours and their impact on the eye might not be for everyone, but they will hold appeal for younger people, eager to stand out from the crowd.

You will find iCONiC shops at Siam Center and The Emporium.

Leisure Projects

For male fashion, Leisure Projects are currently leading the way courtesy of designer Nattapon “Nat” Kanokvaleewong. The colour schemes are very much in contrast to the iCONiC style; Nat prefers understated palettes that have been drawn from visits to beaches and mountains. The result, in some instances, is mild tones that would not be out of place around an English cricket pavilion in the summer.

Do not let that fool you though; Nat’s style is also playful and eager, with certain techniques marking his designs stand out from the crowd. The label uses plenty of embroideries, adding fine detail to the clothes that help define their appeal.

If you are looking for a Leisure Projects shop, they are located at Siam Center, ZEN@CentralWorld, and The EmQuartier.