Rules of Perfect Style by Timothée Chalamet

Timothée Chalamet is the main film discovery of last year. What’s more, this actor has an excellent sense of style. And you should follow these simple secrets if you check out this new site and want to visit a real luxurious casino. 

The Perfect Suit

It’s not baggy, as if from his father’s shoulder, but perfectly fitted, with a perfect shoulder line, jacket and trouser length, the kind of suit we’re used to seeing Timothée Chalamet in on numerous events. The most striking examples are from the Oscar and Golden Globe ceremonies. The tone-on-tone shirt, bowtie, and impeccable shoes are a sight to behold.

Sloppy Curls

If the costume is impeccable, let the hair be sloppy. Of course, Timothy diligently arranges his auburn curls, but without anyone noticing. Did you say comb? He didn’t hear that.

Retro Style

We don’t know if Timothée Chalamet got into the retro style after Call Me Your Name, or if he really is a little old-fashioned. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that it suits him.

Timothée adores pseudo-vintage jackets. These can be suede jackets and satin bomber jackets. He wears them both to official events and on private occasions.


Wearing a velvet suit and not looking like Elton John is only possible when you’re 22. Timothée takes this opportunity and wears velvet very willingly. He’s really good at it. He’s great without being pompous.


Timothée Chalamet doesn’t think too much about it. He wears simple clothes, such as a suit, a T-shirt, sneakers, or a leather jacket. As a rule, they are monochrome and of the most laconic style. And if he does dabble in fashion, it is discreet, for example, he wears an Off-White shirt to the Independent Spirit Awards.

Bright Accents

Despite his love for simplicity, which can also be seen in the actor’s predilection for monochrome suits in various shades: from bright red to muted green, sometimes he does not mind adding colorful details to his images. For example, a mottled Louis Vuitton T-shirt to a black suit at the Hollywood Film Awards. No less extravagant was the Alexander McQueen suit with floral applications at the London Film Festival.

Clothes by Fans

What’s more, the actor sometimes wears clothes presented by his fans. In some essential events, you can even see him in such outfits. For example, at the BAFTA Awards, he replaced his Cartier bracelet with a gift from a fan.