Things to Keep in Mind for That Perfect Wedding Proposal

Ever seen those extra romantic viral proposals on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram? You know the ones; where the guy (or girl) proposes to their significant other in some amazingly romantic way. Maybe the guy skydived into a park where his girlfriend was having a picnic with friends, and then popped the question to her (after descending from the heavens). Or perhaps it was a picture perfect moment in Paris, underneath the Eiffel tower on a moonlit summer’s eve. Besides having the perfect ring (pink diamond rings are the perfect choice du jour), the little details can make all the difference.

If you’re anything like us, such moments can seem out of our grasp, but fear not! Below we cover how to make the most out of your proposal, and build a cherished memory that your girlfriend will never forget. We cover location, photography, rings, and everything else you need to be fully prepared to make your dream proposal reality.

Location, Location, Location!

You’ve probably already guessed this, but, where your proposal actually takes place is a huge part of the equation. Most girls have been dreaming of this moment their entire lives. Maybe it happens after a romantic night out in the city. Or, maybe during a special vacation on a tropical island. Their fantasies can be endless, but the important thing to remember is that the location should be special. 

One of the best ways to choose the perfect spot to propose is by thinking of a place that has sentimental value. Think of where you two first kissed, or maybe where you first met each other. These types of locations will undoubtedly hold a special place in your partner’s heart (and make the perfect place to propose).

Consider Having a Photographer Capture the Moment

Imagine spending all of your time and effort devising the perfect proposal, only for the moment to come and go (with no photographic record of it). One of the best ways to cement this special moment in history is by hiring a professional photographer to capture the very moment that she (or he) says “yes!”

When you’re researching photographers to hire, try to find one that has specialized in proposal photography in the past. Take a look at their portfolio, and make your selection based on the photographer’s experience level, photo quality, and hourly rate. Sometimes, the photographer might actually have some tips of their own on how to make the proposal even more memorable. 

Choose the Perfect Ring

It’s common for this part of the equation to be vastly oversimplified. It’s just a ring, right? A lot of people think that all you need to do is just buy something shiny and expensive (and they couldn’t be more wrong). The engagement ring is the focal piece of the entire moment. Do you know what type of rings she/he likes? What type of stones? What about cut/shape? This is where having an experienced jewelry will come in handy. 

You should also take a look at what type of jewelry your partner currently wears. If they avoid certain colors/stones, styles, etc. These details should all be taken into consideration when buying an engagement ring. There’s nothing worse than having your partner say “yes” but seeing their disappointed face when they actually take a look at the ring you bought. 

Colorless (clear) diamonds are the obvious choice. But, there are so many other gemstones out there that should also be considered. Sapphires, emeralds, colored diamonds, and rubies are all solid alternatives to the classic clear diamond. Leibish has one of the largest selections of gemstones and engagement rings on the web. If you still haven’t purchased a ring, we highly recommend going to their website and browsing through their different collections.  

Plan What You’re Going to Say

This part is where it gets a little tricky. You want your words to flow, and not seem forced, but you should also think ahead of time what exactly you plan on saying. It’s important to speak from the heart. This is such a major moment for your partner (and you), that it would be a shame to diminish its power by not speaking from your heart. Look into your partner’s eyes, and let the words come out naturally. Remember, it’s perfectly normal to get teary-eyed during this part!

We hope that you feel a little more prepared after reading our tips on proposing. Choose a good location, speak from your heart, and have a beautiful ring. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to planning your wedding rather than your proposal!