Large Living – Essentials for a Big Family Lifestyle

Managing a big family can be difficult. But it’s not about the size of things as much as it is about how you use them. Find three practical tips to maintain a large living with your big family easily.

Large families aren’t as common these days as they once were. More and more people are opting for solo lifestyles of smaller families. While this societal shift in family dynamics doesn’t affect any individual per se, those who still wish to have large families can face some challenges.  

Since those preferring solo lifestyles are more than those wanting a big family, product designers and engineers focus on products that are more in demand. In such circumstances, big families can find it difficult to manage their needs. 

However, prioritising some needs over others and investing in certain products can help. The following list contains hacks and product recommendations for big families to help them manage a large lifestyle: 

Have a Large Dining Area 

As little as solo individuals and small families use their dining areas, the opposite stands true for large families. Instead of having a large living area with multiple couches, get a dining table big enough to seat your entire family with some chairs to spare.  

Many couples make the mistake of having a small dining table and a large living area. They make this decision based on their little usage of dining space as a small family or from their bachelor days. 

However, a large dining table can easily double as a workspace for kids to complete their homework, as an activity desk for kids to create arts and crafts, like a game room for family nights to play games like sequence and Jenga, and as a room for the family to hold common conversations besides eating three meals and multiple snacks a day. The spare chairs will also help your kids bring their friends to the dining table and introduce them to the family. 

On the other hand, a large living area has its cons too. It provides enough room for the entire family to sit while only providing them with one source of entertainment in the center. It can lead to arguments and rifts as there are infinite options on the telly. Keeping a small couch in the living area will subtly force your family to take shifts watching the telly and minimize arguments. 

Invest in a Big Car 

Similar to a big dining area, a big car will also help your family come together. Firstly and obviously, it will allow a maximum number of family members to travel together within the town. 

Secondly, it will allow the family to plan and go on adventures. Large families don’t only face difficulties in planning a family vacation, for they require managing a large number of routines. They can also face difficulties in saving up enough to plan a comfortable vacation. However, owning a large vehicle will contribute to living large by allowing your family to plan small getaways and backpacking trips whenever they want. Check out your local buying guide for the Nissan Navara to find the most suitable large vehicle for your family’s needs.  

Make a Dedicated Play Area 

While every kid has their preferences for toys, a play area can significantly help your kid as an individual and your family as a whole. First and foremost, a play area will save you storage space.

 You may think that making a play area will take up a lot of space in your home, but you can think of this space as a two-in-one storage and play area. You can arrange and organize the play area to carry all toys of all children. Children will learn to share the space and toys and play together too.  

Moreover, it will free up space from their rooms which can be used as storage for their clothes, gear, and other essentials. It will also minimize distraction from your kids’ bedrooms, and they won’t spend their bedtime playing with their toys in their rooms. 

Above all, it will provide a sense of organization to your home and a dedicated space to play for your kids. When kids have dedicated play areas inside their homes, they might not need to go out to amusement parks or playgrounds outside. It will also keep the toys interesting for your kids longer. If one kid gets bored of their toy, another kid can play with it in their way and bring the first kid’s attention back to the toy.  

Finally, a large living doesn’t always have to mean physically large. You don’t have to provide the biggest home with the biggest backyard to your family to keep them happy. Instead, it is about how you utilise the available spaces that can make them feel large.