10 Types of Checks to keep in Your Wardrobe

Checks are a versatile trend because of the varying color combinations. The differing size of checks shirts for men gives a smart and casual look at the same time. You will find a variety of checks from small to big for every kind of look. In case you want to buy a few check shirts, you can save with Amazon Online Shopping offers

Here are the 10 types of checks to keep in your wardrobe. 

  • Shepherd Check

With strips crossing each other, Shepherd’s check is similar to Gingham check shirts. However, a twill background makes Shepherd checks shirts unique. The type of check pattern is best suited for workwear. It is a pattern of small, even checks of contrasting colors.

  • Windowpane Checks

It is a large check pattern with criss-cross stripes. The base color is mostly white, with stripes of different colors. Windowpane checks shirts are perfect to wear under a blazer. The check pattern is suitable for social and corporate events. The pattern resembles pane on a window. They are considered appropriate for the workplace.

  • Graph Check

The small check pattern consists of thin and single color linings. The pattern resembles a graph paper. Graph checks are for a perfect formal look. The check pattern is one of the most stylish choices for men’s shirts. For a more formal event, you can mix a Graph check shirt with a plain colored tie. 

  • Gingham

Gingham is a classic check pattern. The criss-cross pattern includes overlapping strips of any color combined with white. Horizontal and vertical strips cross each other on a white background to form Gingham checks. The pattern is versatile with a variety of colors for both formal and casual wear. 

  • Madras Check

The unevenly sized checks are best suited for casual wear. The pattern originated from the city of Madras, is considered a summer fabric. Madras Check is distinguished by a pattern of colorful checks and stripes. The colorful trend of Madras check can never go out of fashion. 

  • Tattersall check

Tattersall check consists of different colored lines on a light background. The check pattern is created by combining a horizontal stripe with thin, even vertical stripes. Different color bands result in a multidimensional effect. The versatile pattern is popular in men’s shirts. 

  • Buffalo check

The large blocks of Buffalo check are formed by the intersection of two different color yarns. The two or three-color striped fabric often includes black as one of the colors. This bold pattern combines comfort and style. It’s not one for the office, Buffalo check shirts are better suited for the outdoors. 

  • Argyle checks

The design is made up of diamonds in a checkboard pattern. Argyle checks are an overlapping pattern with three-dimensional texture. The pattern is most often used in sweaters and socks. It is perfect to wear in spring and summer. 

  • Dupplin Checks

It is a check pattern within a check pattern. The pattern is a combination of simple checks and windowpane checks. Multiple fabric and color treatments are available in Dupplin Check. 

  • Pin checks 

Pin checks appear as dots from a distance. The pattern consists of one color set against white. Pin checks are usually seen on formal clothing because of a subtle and sophisticated pattern. The pin-sized stripes cross to form Pin Checks pattern. The mini-checks pattern is very thin. 

Check shirts are wardrobe essentials for men. You will have some in your wardrobe already.