How to Unmask Your Inner Bond

There are few characters that become fashion icons in the way that James Bond has. From the Ian Fleming novels to the adaptations for the movie, Bond has always seemed a suave character, rarely out of his depth, and always dressed for the occasion. There’s surely not a man on Earth who wouldn’t want the same to be said about him.

With that in mind, we’ve created a guide on unmasking your inner James Bond and allowing the world to see you for the sophisticated gentleman that you truly are.


Step One: Confidence

Everybody is good at something. Bond was a master of the poker table, perhaps you’re a dab hand at playing online poker for money. He was also a master martial artist, maybe you took some karate lessons back in the day. Whether you’ve got the same skills as Bond, or different ones, take some time to focus on the talents that make you unique. Bask in your accomplishments a bit, practice some affirmations, and remind yourself of why you’re great.

Reflecting on the things that we’re good at can help us to feel confident in other areas of life. In turn, confidence will make you stand taller, address people more directly, and help you to wear your clothes, rather than them wear you. Confidence isn’t going to be a factor that you can solve overnight, but making a conscious effort to feel good about yourself will yield big results, even if you change nothing about your wardrobe.

The Right Fit

With your attitude adjustment out of the way, it’s time to focus on the actual wardrobe. Bond had a whole team on hand to ensure he looked his best at all times, we’re going to guess that you don’t. However, there are some tips that will help you to achieve the look alone.

The most important is to wear clothes that fit really well. We all have that pair of jeans that we squeeze into, wishing we were still a 30-inch waist. You’re not, and it shows. Wearing clothes that fit you is far more flattering than squeezing into something too small or enveloping yourself in something far too big. Remember, nobody looks at the size labels on your clothes but you.

Trousers and suit jackets are the items where it really pays to have a professional fit them to you. A well-fitted suit jacket somehow makes you stand a couple of inches taller and trousers that hand just right will take inches off your waist. Pick a neutral color for your tailored suit, one that you can pair with lots of different elements of your wardrobe, You’ll get more wear out of it than you think and look immaculate whilst doing it.

Summer or Winter Bond?

Flicking through the catalog of Bond looks, you’ll notice his summer and winter wardrobes vary quite a lot. His winter wardrobe is exceptionally smart and uses lots of dark neutrals and rich pops of almost jewel colors. Wools, leather, heavy cottons, and suede are the materials of choice.

In summer, the Bond wardrobe is quite different. He wears lots of light-colored neutrals, with the occasional splash of pastels. Super lightweight linen suits, merino wool sweaters, and light cotton shirts are the order of the day here. Try to encapsulate some of these color palettes into your own wardrobe. Start with the big-ticket pieces, like the suit we mentioned, as well as some statement jackets. Then, fill in the gaps with staples like t-shirts and jumpers.

Accessories Complete the Look

No outfit is complete without the right accessories. Whilst we don’t usually have earrings and handbags to worry about, a neatly tied scarf or a pair of sunglasses can really help to elevate a look. For your winter wardrobe, this can be especially helpful.

Creating a whole range of scarves that can inject a little color into an outfit can help you to look effortlessly fashionable. Different textured scarves can create their own style too. A lightweight cream scarf, tied very neatly is smart enough to wear to a dinner date, whilst a heavier knitted scarf is perfect for afternoon skiing.

Belts, shoes, and watches should usually be kept plain. Black or brown leather will always be classics and if you stick to these two basic colors then you’ll be able to spend a little more and buy higher quality items that you’ll get much more wear out of. You don’t need red shoes to match your Ferrari, it’s tasteless and tacky. As for sunglasses, you can be as bold as you feel comfortable with them. Designer brands can be picked up much more cheaply second-hand and nobody needs ever know you got them for a bargain. Bond certainly wouldn’t tell.