How to know a moving company is legitimate?

Getting a transfer or applying for a new job has enough stress. Next comes the stress of moving. Choosing the correct company might save you time and lots of money. Making sure the company is legally allowed to move your goods in and around Queens is of high importance.  How do you know a Queens moving company is legitimate? 

Finding a legitimate company to do the move

There are a few things to look at when it comes to making sure the company is legitimate:

  • Do not accept a verbal quote, make sure it’s on paper (an invoice or Order For Service) with the company contact and location details, dates, pricing, company registration details, Consignee’s Name and phone details, Shipping details as to where it will be moved to and where it was moved from, Any special services rendered.
  • Get a few quotations from different companies and compare. If one company offers an extraordinarily cheap option, this might be because they don’t comply with regulations.
  • Read reviews from the moving company. This can give you an indication of their service offered and whether they do what they say they will. 
  • If the company does not provide you with an Order of Service and a Bill of Lading document. Then they might be considered illegal. 

As a general rule – the bigger the company, the better. They have much more to lose when not following the law than a small company.   The legality of any moving company can be found by contacting the NYSDOT regulation authority. 

Laws at play 

New York state has adopted the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation. Any vehicle moving goods for commercial purposes must be abiding by The New York State Transportation Law, Environmental Conservation Law, and the Vehicle and Traffic Law. These laws are in place to regulate safety on the roads. Being weight and roadworthiness of vehicles and users alike. It also provides safety regulations of transportation regulations of hazardous chemicals and goods.  

Paperwork is important

Keeping a record for yourself of the agreed terms and conditions of the moving company should always be done. This is a legal contract between you and the company that is doing your move. If you do not have a “paper trail” of supporting documents, you will be unable to assure your transportation of goods will be delivered to the new destination. Once such an important document is the list you make of your household goods, get it signed off by the company as it’s loaded. This way your belongings can be monitored on arrival at your new destination. 

Make sure you follow the law by using a legitimate company for the transportation of your goods. Without you supporting the legal aspects of this type of business, more and more customers could be scammed out of their belongings or left with a huge debt to cover. If you value your household belongings, it makes sense to rather spend time and confirm compliance with the legal factors.