How relocation companies aid in employee relocation?

Employee relocation is a common practice in modern organizations. Relocating a new or existing employee can happen due to many reasons opening a new location, filling an open position at another location, career development, or need of a particular talent at a particular location. The best local moving companies explains that ‘Employee relocation’ is also known as corporate relocation as it allows the employers to move their bright talents to other places for the growth of their company and the professional growth of the employee.

Almost every company needs to relocate its employees at its own expense; however, it may not be an everyday activity for many companies. Most companies offer flexible and innovative employee relocation policies to hire and retain the best talent in the industry. Many times companies have to relocate a new employee to a different location as they are unable to find the same talent at the needed location and other times they want their existing employee to expose to a particular activity at a different location. When a company needs to relocate an employee, it is important to do the process at the earliest and efficiently so that the work at the new location can be started at the earliest.

Relocation Management Companies

To keep your employee mentally calm and physically active, it is important to provide all the relocation services for him to be productive at the new location. And there comes the need for relocation management companies so many companies outsource the relocation process to relocation process companies to minimize the downtime of the employee and to ease down his transition period.

Why hire a Relocation Management Company

A relocation process may include many tasks from selling or renting out a home to buying or renting a home to exploring a new area for schools and other facilities to packing the whole household, to moving and organizing the household, to temporary housing to traveling to the new location. And, as every employer wants his employees to start their work at the new place as soon as possible, the process has to be done in a restricted period.

As we know that a relocation process involves an employee’s personal life including spouse and family. The relocation companies make sure that the relocation creates the least turbulence in personal life so they even help with spouse’s job, kids’ school admissions, and selling or buying of a house.

Also, moving is a very expensive process and this out-of-pocket expense may break the relocating employee financially leading to his disinterest in moving and eventually in work so to save employee’s downtime and will to work, it is a must for the employer to pay for his relocation.


Most of the relocation work was done by the HR department of the companies in earlier times, but now companies prefer outsourcing this work to relocation management companies that make the task a lot more simple and quick. According to the reports generated by Worldwide Employee Relocation Council, 69% of companies fully outsource the process while 30% of companies a few tasks of the whole process. 

As HR teams already have a lot to manage at the company end as they are the caretakers of all employee-related tasks. And dealing with selling a house, international customs and related paperwork, freight forwarding, and even packing are all very time-consuming tasks that need expertise. To get your employee relocation done right, it is important to hire professional relocation management companies to handle employee relocation. 

Tasks to Outsource to Relocation Service Providers

As discussed earlier, many companies outsource the whole relocation process to a relocation service company but some outsource only a few tasks. The most important tasks that should be outsourced to have a smooth move are packing, handling customs and paperwork in case of international relocation, and freight forwarding of employee’s personal stuff.  

Relocation service providing companies can take up all the moving-related tasks and you can shift the focus of the HR team to the core business of the company. A full-service relocation company saves a lot of time, money, and energy. With the help of these companies, you can shorten the relocation process which will eventually let the employees start adding value to the work at the new workplace earlier. 

Creating a Relocation Program

A Human Resource department can handle the relocation of a few employees without any expert help, but the department may not be able to handle many moves at one time. So it is important for an organization to create a relocation program for employees for better employee retention rates and to hire the best talent in the industry. 

A successful relocation program should be able to compete with the global market standards. A relocation service provider will provide some fundamental services that may include access to relocation-related technology, time-saving for you to focus on your official work, access to discounted third-party relocation experts for services like home finding, home selling, and moving goods.