How Much Do Spin Instructors Make Per Class?

Spin instructors primarily work for wellness centers and fitness clubs. Spinning is a cardio workout that only certified spinning instructors are allowed to teach. A spinning instructor should be physically fit and must be able to motivate and lead the students.

How Much Does A Spin Instructor Make

The pay of a spin instructor depends on the economy of where you live and where you teach. A general rule is that a small studio or wellness center will pay much higher than a Big Box gym or your local community center.

The reason is that when you work for a large health or fitness club, you are given additional perks like free membership for you and potentially your immediate family.

The level of education also influences pay. This is especially true for the large chain clubs that have established pay rates or levels for the fitness instructors.

Can You Keep The Room Filled With Participants?

Every manager wants an instructor who appeals to different types of participants, it does not matter what kind of facility you work for, you should be appealing to a broad population of participants and be able to sell out the room regularly.

So Who Gets Paid What And Where?

An indoor spin instructor gets paid differently, depending on the location and type of facility. Here is a general idea of the salaries, beginning from the low end to the way up.

YMCA’s / YWCA’s / JCC’s And Community Centers

$12 to $22 per class, some instructors volunteer their time in exchange for a free membership.

Big Box Health Clubs

  • LA Fitness – $19.56 per hour on an average
  • Gold’s Gym – $16 to $40 per hour
  • 24 Hour Fitness – $18 to $28 per hour
  • Wellbridge – $18 to $30 per hour

High-End Big Box Health Clubs

  • Life Time Fitness $20 to $35 per hour
  • Equinox $20 to $35 per hour

Boutique/Small Independent Cycling Studios

The whole objective of a cycling studio is to put butts on the saddles. Instructors who succeed at filling their rooms are compensated very well, which is often double to what they would expect to get at a large fitness chain.

The starting pay at a boutique studio is $30 plus per class, and many of them offer a “per head” incentive at a specific attendance level.

CycleBar advertises the starting rate of $55 per class. SoulCycle pays around $130 per class plus benefits, which includes health insurance.

So Where Can You Make The Most Money?

The answer would be Peloton Cycling, where instructors can earn around $500 per class. It sounds crazy. How can Peloton afford such pay scales? That is because they pay a percentage of the class revenue to their instructors, and the size of the class is not determined by the number of bikes in the studio. They live to stream every class to paying participants at their homes around the world!!