How Casinos Have Inspired Fashion Over The Years

The apparel market remains to be one of the most lucrative industries, as it is estimated to be valued at 1.5 trillion dollars in 2020. The bigger fashion market is almost worth 3 billion, where almost 402 billion is composed of men’s wear, $621 billion is women wear, and $339 billion in luxury goods.

The success of the fashion industry is a combination of efforts from various players in this big industry. You may have come across sports-themed wears as well as musical. People are always looking for something that they can identify with, and someone visiting a kasyno will also want to experience the same feeling.

The history of fashion and casinos

The connection between casinos and fashion is not something new. Casinos have been known to observe dress codes since they were introduced in the 18th century. You will find that most casinos have uniformed employees, which is a sign of a high level of professionalism.

Originally, casinos were just a gambling haven where people went to try their luck. However, they later started to introduce bars, which changed them to socializing establishments that bring together people from all walks of life.

In the past, casino goers were inspired by the dress code to change their sense of fashion. Such people transformed from wearing heavy suits and gowns to tucks and short dresses. The casino dressing has changed a lot over the years.

Casinos have been known to set the bar high when it comes to enjoyment. The online world does not have any restrictions when it comes to dressing. You can enjoy playing poker or blackjack online while wearing sweatpants in the comfort of your home.

Most land-based casinos have a specific dress code that you have to follow to be allowed in. Some of them will not allow you to walk in unless you have a formal dressing code, such as a suit and a tie. On the other hand, women are expected to wear something that befits a swanky occasion.

The traditions may vary from one place to another, depending on the country’s traditions and the target class. Such casinos have a professional reputation to uphold, and that is why outfits are more than just a style but also come as a statement. Casinos are known to be a place for the affluent and those who want to show their pricey outfits.

Movie icons such as James Bond have also shaped the pop culture associated with casinos. His sharp suits with bold colors have personified the general casino lifestyle over the years.

How casinos have inspired the fashion industry

Some of the world’s most famous fashion designers, such as Givenchy and Michael Korrs were inspired by the casinos to organize casino-themed fashion walks. For instance, Moschino, an Italian fashion house, held a Las Vegas-themed show in 2017. Some of the walk’s key features were sequins, pastels, and other casino inspired clothes that resemble those you find in the real-live casino.

Celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Hailey Baldwin were seen on the walkway with neon get-ups, a look which derives inspiration from casino slot games. Other designs included suits smothered in orange flames, pinup girl applique and sequins.

The Karl Lagerfeld-helmed fashion house, Chanel, is another brand that embraces the casino trend. Chanel is known for its professional and slick pieces that befits a red carpet event. Such pieces that had a casino twist is what it presented in July 2015 during a show in Paris. Julianne Moore and Kristen Stewart were some of the stars in attendance and wore “cocktail chic” with their white and black dresses. The stars also played blackjack, poker and spinned roulette wheels to complete the already set casino environment.

High-end casinos seem to be relaxing dressing codes

Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco is one the world’s most prestigious casinos. Its parking lot can indicate the class of people who frequent the place as it is parked with some of the most-expensive vehicles. The owners enforce a strict dress code in a bid to maintain a certain level of decorum. However, the dress code has been relaxed in the past few years, mostly during the day. They may be borrowing from internet billionaires who have been seen in many occasions dressing casually.

However, Las Vegas seems to be moving in the opposite direction from Monaco. The city has been going through a facelift as they target high-end clients that will not wait for a free drink but will order for premium grade cocktail. The dress code has thus been tightened while encouraging clothing from residents’ boutiques.

How casinos set new fashion trends

Coming across the word trend is very common when it comes to the fashion world. A trend comes and goes. Some trends last longer than others, and some have more impact than others. Land-based casinos trend has been that men’s cloth becomes more compact while ladies wear short dresses. The fashion industry was quick to pick this trend and replicate in other areas such as entertainment.

Neon-inspired designs

Casinos are mostly known for being flashy, bright, and neon. These are trademarks that have stood the test of time and are not likely to end any time soon. Casinos also incorporate such bright colors that have been experienced in casino-themed fashion shows that have been held so far.

The future

Fashion and casinos are two areas that will continue to inspire each other into the foreseeable future. The casinos are no longer a place for placing bets but also doubles as platforms where people can issue fashion statements. There are not many dressing code changes, but their effect on the fashion industry will always be felt by generations to come.

Land-based casinos have a reputation to protect, and that is why a dress code remains essential. The growth of online slots has lowered the connection between the two industries. However, there are still people who uphold their respect for casinos as they always dress up when visiting a land-based casino.