How to Find High Quality CBD Oil

The CBD market is booming these days. One study predicts that it will be worth $20 billion by 2024. A growing number of consumers are expected to buy hemp oil as they discover its numerous benefits.

Unfortunately, the purchasing process can be daunting and confusing for many consumers. There are many CBD oils to choose from. The quality of these oils varies tremendously, so you need to do your due diligence before making a purchase.

How do you choose the best CBD oil?

You need to do your due diligence if you want to purchase high-quality CBD oil. There are many variables that you need to take into consideration when purchasing CBD oil. Some criteria are subjective, such as taste. Also, some CBD oils are better for certain purposes than others, even if the quality is otherwise comparable.

However, some CBD oils objectively perform better than alternatives on various metrics. You should look at the following criteria when making a purchase.

Comparing full-spectrum CBD oil and CBD isolate

There are two types of CBD products: CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD. Each type has different benefits, so it is important to understand the characteristics before making a selection.

CBD isolate doesn’t contain any part of the hemp plant except for cannabinoids. Instead, the manufacturers use sophisticated processes to remove the THC and all other compounds from the plant. After the extraction process is completed, it will exist in a crystallized form. CBD isolate can be turned into an oil by mixing it with a carrier oil.

Full-spectrum CBD (also known as whole plant CBD) is made from the entire plant. In addition to CBD, it contains other compounds, such as THC.

Should you purchase CBD isolate or full-spectrum CBD? The answer depends on your tolerance for THC and therapeutic needs. Here are some of the functional differences between the two.

Pain management

Both full-spectrum CBD oils and CBD isolate oils can be used for pain management. However, full-spectrum CBD might be better if you need to change your dose. One study found that CBD isolate was only effective at a very specific therapeutic dose, while Full spectrum CBD Products can be effective for pain management at varying doses.

Why does full-spectrum CBD seem to work better? The other terpenes, flavonoids and compounds act as catalysts and amplify the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol.

THC content

CBD isolate is a better option for consumers that cannot consume any level of THC. This might include people working in heavily regulated industries that require regular drug tests. Full-spectrum CBD has very small THC levels since federal regulations prohibit products with over 0.3% THC content. However, this might still be an issue for people that shouldn’t be consuming THC at all.

Region of origin

You should pay close attention to the region that CBD products originated from. This is an often overlooked factor that you simply can’t ignore. Some countries produce much better hemp than others, which significantly affects the quality of CBD products.

The five best hemp producers in the world are China, Canada, the United States, France and Chile. If you are concerned about the quality of the CBD that you are purchasing, then you should make sure that it is produced from derivatives of hemp that was grown in one of these countries. It is probably safest to purchase CBD from the United States because you will know that it passed strict safety regulations (assuming that it is legally sold and FDA approved).

Many other countries lack appropriate safety regulations. The hemp might contain mercury or lead, which is not safe to consume. You should avoid buying any hemp or CBD products from these countries.

If you’re purchasing have made in the United States, then you should know which state that it was grown in. California, Montana, Kentucky, Oregon and Colorado are all known for producing high-quality hemp.

Third-party testing

You should always be skeptical about the claims of any manufacture, regardless of industry. Even the best CBD oil is no exception.

Every CBD oil manufacturer is going to make claims about the quality of their products. They are going to advertise the THC levels, therapeutic effects, taste and many other factors. You should always take these claims with a grain of salt if they have not been independently verified.

Some CBD manufacturers might deliberately misrepresent the quality of their products. Others might make good faith errors. They may even test their products in a laboratory before releasing them to the market. However, flawed assumptions or inaccurate testing methodologies could taint their claims, so it is important to validate them through an objective source.

You will have better peace of mind buying CBD products that have been tested by third-party laboratories. Always find out if another company has double-checked the manufacturers’ claims.

Ratings from reputable review sites

Consumer reviews are always invaluable for making a purchase. This is one of the reasons that Amazon has been such a successful company.         

Many websites help you review CBD products. Some reputable CBD review sites include Remedy Review, American marijuana, LA weekly, Shopping CBD, The CBD Insider and HealthLine. They provide great reviews on various CBD oils and other CBD products. You should read reviews on these sites carefully before committing to any purchase.


The flavor might not be the most important factor on your list. However, it is still something that you should consider. Some oils are made from raw CBD, so they will have a much more bitter taste. This might not be the end of the world, but you probably want to buy one that you are comfortable tasting if you are using it long-term.

Do your research before making any purchase

There are vast differences between various CBD oils on the market. It is always important to do your research. You will be more likely to find a high-quality CBD product if you are an informed consumer.