Have you Watched these 5 Films on Cannabis?

Top 5 Movies About Growing Marijuana

Cannabis growers usually seek information and camaraderie from peers as they perfect their skills, as there is no ending to learning. Different strains have unique demands, so it helps to gather as much knowledge as possible from those doing it right. Movies are entertaining and have been a source of information for most people, so it makes sense that there are films that those planting outdoor marijuana seeds for sale and recreational growers have a few made for them. The beauty of watching films is that you learn without thinking of it, so there’s much to say about education and entertainment value. Here are 5 movies written for cannabis growers and ardent fans of the plant. 

CBD Nation – 2020

This is more of a documentary than a film that explores the research in the industry, findings, and prospects of cannabis. It has been hailed as one of the most informative pieces in this area of research due to the overwhelming evidence of the good that can be derived from the marijuana plant. Directed and produced by David Jakubovic, this film brings to public knowledge tones of research commissioned by the US government that shows the impressive therapeutic effects of a vilified natural plant. 

The movie features powerful stories of real people who bravely accepted to be used as guinea pigs in studies that helped the experts know how well marijuana and its compounds work. Experts in pharmaceuticals reveal that, indeed, these compounds are quite effective, and their side effects – such as the psychoactive properties of THC – are no different from those associated with other opioids, yet cannabis gets the bad rap. While this movie may not solely be about outdoor cannabis seeds, it sheds so much light on the government’s hypocrisy – having commissioned studies and knowing the full effects of cannabis, yet insisting on keeping most of it from the masses through strict regulation. 

Green is Gold – 2016

Two brothers are living as best as they can in a farmhouse where their father grows weed and liaises with the distribution chain in his home area when the father gets nabbed and imprisoned. The older brother is left to care for his younger sibling in their dilapidated home that is not fit for kids to begin with. The two are brought unceremoniously into the family business, but the older one tries to keep his younger sibling off the finer details – the knowledge of what his father and brother deal with is all he is allowed for now. Still, his curiosity, coupled with a knowledgeable girlfriend, gets him a crash course into the world of weed, and now his uncle has to try and keep him out of trouble. 

This film is set in Northern California, where the sale of weed seeds for outdoor grow is common, and weed farmers go about their business undisturbed. The older brother does his best to sell his father’s stash at $150,000 as he encounters rogue dealers along the way. Will he sell his impressive grow while taking care of his younger brother and staying out of reach of the police? 

American Hemp – 2019 

If you are interested in yet another informative film on the cannabis industry, this is an excellent choice. The events follow what a typical cannabis company does, from planting indoor and outdoor marijuana seeds to selling them when ready. You will see the effort required for planting, tending, harvesting, and distributing the seeds and final product in a systematic facility inside the Colorado hemp industry that has invested heavily in cannabis. Even better is the fact that the director, Josh Hyde, ropes in Alex White Plume to shine a light on the growth of cannabis by members of the Native American tribes battling with corporate growers. 

This film might not have massive entertainment value as it lacks comedy, but it makes up heavily for that with all the educational content you may need if you are curious about cannabis. Its sequel, American Hemp: The Evolution Continues, follows the storyline from the first film but focuses on the native Americans and how they have been using cannabis for sustenance. Again, this film is quite educational. 

Grass is Greener – 2019

Back to comedy and entertainment, and we are plunged into the world of some of the best-known entertainers that proudly smoke joints: Snoop Dog, the late Bob Marley, and Miles Davis. Damian Marley features in the film in his father’s stead, while the other mentioned stars represent themselves and their take on cannabis. 

This film is all about the socio-political aspect of weed from the 30s to date, and these musicians telling the journeys their careers have taken only makes it more interesting. It demystifies the use of weed and its contribution to creativity and lets all know that smoking does not reduce one into an unproductive, unthinking stooge. 

Weed – 2014

This film is a dedication to Charlotte Figi, a girl treated with CBD oil for seizures, inspiring a strain aptly named Charlotte’s Web. The writer, Dr. Sanja Gupta, takes us through all the angles of CBD, from the good to the neutral and the bad. We hear the opinions of medical doctors and researchers, as well as the good and ugly sides of CBD. Figi’s parents volunteered their daughter for trials after all other medications failed to work on her rare seizures resulting from Dravet syndrome. Their bold move and successful treatment with CBD led other parents to try this treatment with their kids. 

Dr. Gupta brings the Stanley Brothers, who came up with the CBD treatment for Figi, and they informatively take viewers through the thought process that led them to their most successful treatment. Figi died in 2020 of pneumonia, but she is immortalized in this documentary and her strain. This film is quite emotional and educational, and it takes as many angles as possible into the world of cannabis. It’s not just roses here: you get to see the ugly side of cannabis too. 


Movies bring to life events and images we cannot always successfully conjure up in our minds, and the entertainment aspect makes stories palatable. The evolution of cannabis is not the most entertaining, especially when they rope in the studies and research, but filmmakers are able to make the mundane tolerable. If you are interested in the growth of cannabis for recreational use or as a business, these five movies may be a good place to start. 

Lana Braslavska, the author of this article, is keen on the business of cannabis, from growth to distribution. She believes that all stakeholders should be respected and involved in the processes, which is why she dabbles in PR for selected cannabis brands whenever she is not writing and curating informative pieces.