Guide to Bookstores: Must-Visit Literary Destinations

Discover enchanting bookstores: Shakespeare & Co., Powell’s, El Ateneo, Daunt Books, Atlantis Books, Libreria Acqua Alta, The Last Bookstore.

Bookstores are magical places that transport us to different worlds, evoke emotions, and ignite our imaginations. For avid readers, exploring bookstores can be an exhilarating experience. From quaint independent shops to sprawling bibliophile havens, the world is teeming with unique literary destinations waiting to be discovered. In this guide, we will take you on a journey through a curated list of must-visit bookstores around the globe, where you can lose yourself among shelves stacked with literary treasures and find solace in the written word.

1. Shakespeare and Company, Paris, France:

Located in the heart of Paris, Shakespeare and Company is a legendary bookstore that has captured the hearts of countless literary enthusiasts. Founded in 1951, this iconic establishment has welcomed some of the most influential writers of the 20th century. Stepping inside is like stepping into a literary time capsule, with floor-to-ceiling shelves crammed with books, a cozy reading nook, and a rich history that permeates the air. It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in the world of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Joyce while discovering new voices and enjoying events that celebrate the written word.

2. Powell’s City of Books, Portland, Oregon, USA:

Powell’s City of Books in Portland, Oregon, is a paradise for book lovers. Boasting over a million new and used books across multiple floors, it is one of the largest independent bookstores in the world. With its vibrant atmosphere and labyrinthine layout, Powell’s offers an adventure around every corner. Explore different sections dedicated to various genres, lose yourself in the rare book room, and attend author readings and signings. The store’s commitment to supporting local authors and fostering a love for literature makes it a must-visit destination for any bibliophile visiting the Pacific Northwest.

3. El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Housed in a former theater, El Ateneo Grand Splendid in Buenos Aires is a breathtaking bookstore that seamlessly combines literature and architecture. With its ornate frescoed ceilings, red velvet curtains, and stage transformed into a cafĂ©, it offers a unique setting that exudes grandeur and charm. Browse through a vast collection of books across multiple levels, climb the balconies for a panoramic view, and revel in the ambience of a space where the performing arts and literature converge. It’s a place where imagination takes center stage, making it an unforgettable destination for book lovers.

4. Daunt Books, London, United Kingdom:

Nestled in the heart of London, Daunt Books is a haven for those seeking literary inspiration. The store’s signature feature is its stunning Edwardian interior, complete with long oak galleries and skylights that bathe the space in natural light. Daunt Books takes pride in its curated selection of travel books, arranged geographically, making it an ideal destination for armchair travelers and globetrotters alike. Lose yourself in the charm of this bookshop, where the aroma of paper blends with the excitement of literary discoveries, and let your imagination embark on a journey around the world.

5. Atlantis Books, Santorini, Greece:

Perched on the cliffs of the picturesque Greek island of Santorini, Atlantis Books is a hidden gem that embodies the essence of a dreamy literary escape. Founded by a group of friends in 2004, this enchanting bookstore offers a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea. Explore its cozy interior, adorned with handwritten notes from visitors and an eclectic selection of books, including both classics and contemporary titles. Immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere, attend readings on the terrace overlooking the sunset, and experience the magic of literature in this idyllic island retreat.

6. Libreria Acqua Alta, Venice, Italy:

Tucked away in the labyrinthine streets of Venice, Libreria Acqua Alta is a whimsical bookstore that offers a truly unique experience. Its name, which translates to “High Water Bookstore,” is a nod to the city’s frequent flooding. To protect the books from water damage, they are stored in bathtubs, gondolas, and even a full-sized boat that serves as a reading nook. Navigating through stacks of books, you’ll discover hidden corners, enchanting nooks, and a charming courtyard with a staircase made of books that leads to a picturesque canal view. Libreria Acqua Alta is a bibliophile’s paradise in a city of romance and history.

7. The Last Bookstore, Los Angeles, California, USA:

Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, The Last Bookstore is a haven for book enthusiasts and art lovers alike. Housed in a historic bank building, this sprawling bookstore is a visual feast for the eyes. From its towering book archways to its whimsical book tunnel, every corner offers a creative display that celebrates the written word. The Last Bookstore also features a mezzanine-level gallery showcasing local artists and hosts regular events, including book signings and live performances. Lose yourself in the labyrinthine aisles, discover hidden treasures, and immerse yourself in the vibrant literary and artistic culture of LA.

Exploring bookstores is an adventure that transcends borders and connects book lovers across the globe. From the romantic streets of Paris to the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, these must-visit literary destinations offer a glimpse into the diverse and captivating world of books. Whether you find yourself in a cozy independent bookstore with a rich history or a grandiose converted theater filled with literary treasures, each experience is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of words. So, embark on a literary journey, discover new authors, and let these remarkable bookstores ignite your passion for reading. After all, within the pages of a book lies a world of infinite possibilities. Happy travels and happy reading!