12 Slick & Chic Gift Ideas for Style-Savvy Men

Let the gift you buy be your unvoiced message to the man you love!

This love can be like any love, and that man can be anyone close to your heart. But as long as the guy is a stylish one, focusing on a few matters will help you a great deal in choosing a grander gift that will fill him with a sense of awe.

Before planning a gift for a man of style, here are some aspects you should observe.

Fashion Sense

Understanding the kind of fashion he follows will make things way easier for you. This will tell you what to buy, and more precisely, what not to buy!

Recent Shopping Choices

These are the best way to figure out his current taste. Moreover, you can find something to go perfectly with any of those items.

Latest Significant Life Events

For example, if he is joining a new office or planning a new tour, buying anything fancy related to that would sound pretty heart-melting.

Hobbies and Habits 

Enrich his collection if he is a passionate collector, or gift something well-equipped to preserve them. Find out if he has a weakness for certain brands or editions of styling products.

This is a rather intimate way to let him know that you care.

Things He Wanted but Could Not Buy

Find out if he wanted to buy something that he couldn’t afford due to its high price. Get that for him, and receive a priceless smile from him in return!

The more you know about him, the better!

However, if you are still confused or simply looking for some inspiration to buy a special gift for your significant other, I have listed 11 absolutely luxurious gift ideas to choose from.

1. Timepiece

No matter how dearly you want to, you cannot always hold his hand; but your gifted watch can! Maybe that is the reason why watches are always considered among the top favorite Valentine’s Day gifts!

Furthermore, your style-conscious man is never complete without a luxury timepiece from one of those high-end brands on his wrist. Make a choice from their latest exotic collections.

They are not merely the time-tellers; they are the symbol of his sophistication. You may also want to buy a pocket watch to stay real close to the beats of his heart!

2. Shoes

I personally find it a little difficult to buy shoes for others! But if you know his size and preferences, shoes can make an amazing gift for a guy.

You can comfortably go for brogues, suede chukkas, leather boots, loafers, or sneakers. They are all very trendy and versatile.

Buying anything from a formal to sports model, focusing on his recent activities would be smart to convey your support and encouragement.

3. Cufflinks

These elegant little accessories speak a lot about a man’s aesthetic. There are a number of super posh brands that are known for their splendid designs of amazing cufflinks!

If you are looking for something chic and simple, try Montblanc, Bvlgari, Tiffany and Co., or Dunhill. But if your man loves to try funky stuff, switch to Deakin & Francis! Gucci and Burberry also offer a great collection of cufflinks.

Find what suits him the best!

4. Cologne

For every style-savvy male, fragrances are like their signatures. In fact, those are the real head-turners that set his image before he is even seen!

As a gift, colognes are also a very romantic and sensual indicator of how you picture him! So, choosing the perfect cologne for your man can be thrilling! Trust your instinct when you are buying one. Opting for a niche fragrance seems like an interesting idea.

Colognes are absolutely available online, but it is always wise to try them personally and buy them from a store.

5. Shades

If you ask me, I love old-fashioned Sunnies! However, while buying shades you must consider the face shape of the man who will wear them. If you are planning something over-the-top, check out Bvlgari.

Wanna play it safe? Buy a pair of Ray-Bans.

6. Writing Set

In this era of iPads and Macbooks, if he still prefers to use a pen and paper, a high-end leather writing set with augmented paper will only make him look more debonair.

7. Designer Holdall

No matter where his destination, near or far, carrying a fancy designer holdall is sure to increase his charm. So, you can happily include this on your possible Valentine’s Day shopping list.

8. Dopp Kit

Dopp kits are attractive gifts for anyone tidy and stylish. These kits are available at various price ranges, and almost all of them look pretty modish.

Nevertheless, there are some extremely expensive dopp kits available on the market, like that of Bottega Veneta.

9. High-Tech Novelty Products

Apple watches or underwater drones are all the rage now! You can also think of branded headphones or a lavish wireless speaker for a man who is an equally passionate music lover.

10. Highly Sophisticated Items with a Vintage Look

A chessboard designed with sheer opulence, a vintage-inspired luxury telescope, a high definition camera with a classic exterior, or a vintage toolbox – any of it is set to prove to be an extraordinary gift when given to the right person.

Now, you are one to decide if he falls into that category!

11. Jewelry

High-quality metal bracelets and rings will never harm his slick masculine personality when designed with an elegance of simplicity.

Feel free to pick them for your man and give them as a token of your affection.

12. Eternal Gifts

There are certain special occasion gifts, such as Valentine’s Day gifts, Birthday gifts, Marriage Anniversary gifts, that require a lot of special attention. You have to really know the person and his style to be able to choose something truly unique which will mean a lot more. These gifts will be memorable enough to leave a mark in their hearts for a lifetime. So, research ahead well and be sure to add a personal touch to the gift.


Sometimes, what a single gift can say, a thousand words can’t! So, you better invest your thoughts before you invest your money on them.

Gifts are not about money; they hold your emotions, thoughts, and the depth of your relationship! Let him find your essence in what you choose for him and indulge the aura of your thoughtfulness.