The Importance of FR Clothing

The Flame Resistant (FR) market has grown over the past few years and entered the global market.  As the industries and their safety regulations are developing and upgrading. The availability and usage of FR clothing are increasing and becoming more common.

FR clothing nowadays has become crucial for any industrial employees to protect themselves from getting burnt or excessive heat. These garments are made of flame and heat resistant textiles. It begins with cotton or cotton blend fabric and then treated with some kind of chemicals. Due to which, it takes time for the fire or heat to get spread all over.  

Some reasons why FR clothing is essential are as follows:

1. Cause Lesser Injuries:

FR clothes protect the wearer from an explosion or fire. However, it must be noted that it does not completely eliminate the risk of injury, but rather minimizes the chances of getting severely injured. The fabric of the FR clothing works as a barrier between the fire and the human skin. Therefore, it provides time for the wearer to get out of the explosion or any accident. Another important fact is that it does not melt on the skin due to heat.


This clothing protects the wearer by self-extinguishing or resisting ignition when exposed to fire. However, non-FR clothing continues to burn even after removing the heat source. The CED2  is one of the best flame resistant clothing. This fabric protects from fire hazards. It is made of 100% pure cotton, elastic waist, snap cuffs, pleated back, and is available in all sizes.

3. Increases Employees Dedication:

Every employee is concerned about their safety. When they realize that their companies or industries are taking initiatives by providing them with proper protection. It automatically motivates the workers to be more productive in their work field. However, in those companies, where employees are not provided with proper precautions are comparatively found to be less active and motivated.

4. Comfortable Enough:

It is very crucial that the FR clothing is comfortable enough for the wearer to move and work. If they are uncomfortable to wear, then the workers may dislike it.  And even deny wearing it while working. That can impact their job performance, also the chances of an accident increases. So, the FR products must be easy to move and work. And to make it comfortable, these garments must be designed with features like action backs.

5. Temperature Rating is Must:

There are some FR garments out there that come with a temperature rating. Usually, FR outerwear is comparatively warmer, and it is essential to select garments with an appropriate level of warmth. Otherwise, the worker might find it very difficult to work in extreme heat. Temperature rating helps to adjust the temperature of the garment suitable with the outer atmosphere.

6. Breathability and Moisture Management is Necessary:

In cold places, outerwear is likely to trap moisture on the skin, which is very harmful. Excessive moisture retained on the skin can not only cause chilling but hypothermia. FR outerwears are made of moisture-wicking fabrics that help the skin to be moisture-free.

It is also very important to provide sufficient breathability. Otherwise, there are chances of overheating that might be very uncomfortable for the workers. Also, more space inside the garment helps to resolve the issue of the trapped moisture.  


So, it is now clear that FR clothing does no harm; instead, it is highly recommendable in every industry or company. Everyone has their right to safety, and FR garments are successfully fulfilling the demands and ensuring the safety of the workers from all these years.