Explicit Teaching of Basic Writing Techniques

At some point, all students expect to “write my essay for me” with the online experts help, in this case they can get benefit from their development by receiving direct teaching on basic writing techniques such as calligraphy, spelling, punctuation and sentence construction. For many students with writing problems, difficulties in these techniques represent an important barrier to writing. These students need to devote extra time to explicit teaching and to practice basic techniques. This teaching must be carefully planned and must include regular monitoring of student progress. However, it must also be efficient, so that it does not dominate teaching or the time to write.


The basic objective of calligraphy teaching is to help students develop with writing technique that is legible and fluid, that is relatively fast and does not cause effort. As in reading, fluency is important. When students are not fluent in writing and have to pay attention to calligraphy, this interferes with other aspects of the writing process. Both italic and print can be effective. Teaching should include how to shape the letters correctly, and how to hold the pencil and paper.

Calligraphy fluency is promoted by writing frequently and develops over time. Teaching in the primary grades of children with handwriting difficulties can help prevent later writing problems. In addition to this type of instruction, teachers and parents should consider the use of word processors or other computer tools, as a means to compensate for calligraphy problems.


Spelling and decoding techniques are strongly interconnected. Both require knowledge and phonetic techniques, knowledge of spelling patterns and familiarity with high frequency words. Therefore, spelling is part of the teaching of reading and writing. Students with problems reading and writing generally need explicit and intensive teaching in decoding and spelling, which emphasizes the relationships and patterns between sound and symbol. When writing, the practice of “inventive spelling” in the primary grades helps students develop their perception and phonetic knowledge. Instructional methods that emphasize spelling patterns by grouping words with a similar pattern are effective.

Construction of Sentences

Even good writers sometimes pause to decide how to express their ideas in sentences. For writers with difficulties, writing correct and effective sentences is an important problem. In addition to learning to write grammatically correct sentences, they must learn to write sentences with subordinates, write thematic sentences that introduce main ideas, use transition words, and write introductory sentences. There is less research in instructional methods in this area than for spelling and calligraphy and some results of the research contradict common sense or usual practices. For example, the teaching of traditional grammar, which focuses on rules for correct writing, has very little impact on the quality of student writing.

Strategies for Planning, Review and for Self-Regulation

  • Set goals to communicate with an audience
  • Use gender knowledge to generate and organize content
  • Evaluate your writing with respect to your general writing objectives and standards
  • Generally, check extensively

Motivation and Final Words

One of the biggest difficulties regarding working with students with writing problems is to increase their motivation. One cannot consider that the teaching of writing was successful, unless, in addition to teaching techniques and strategies, the student is helped to develop a positive attitude towards writing. Without that positive attitude, it is very unlikely that the student will write outside of school or continue developing their skills.

Two Motivational Aspects of Writing Program

  1. Writing instruction should make students write about something that satisfies themselves. When teaching and writing become a part of an exercise that only emphasizes the correct way of writing or passing an exam, not only do students remain unmotivated, but they are less likely to learn what they are taught because they are not related to anything that has a meaningful purpose.
  2. Failure is one of the biggest causes of poor motivation. Students who expect to fail in writing assignments generally participate in the same reluctance or do not at all. Students want to know “how it is done,” and teaching them is the teacher’s homework. When students work in an environment where they write about something they care about and teachers provide explicit teaching on how to write effectively, the lack of motivation to learn to write is almost never a problem.

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