8 Tricks on How to Get the Most Out Of Vape Pen

When you buy a vape pen from or any other place, you want to get the most from it, right? Thankfully, it’s possible, and you don’t have to do much. To help you out, here are 8 tricks on how to get the most out of your vape pen:

Use the user manual

Everything begins here. There is no way you will get the most from the pen if you know nothing about it. To be on the safe side, always read the vape pen’s owner’s manual to be certain that you are doing the right things.

It’s from the manual where you will know the essential bits of the mouthpiece, such as how it’s charged, whether you can use a charger, whether the pen supports pass-through vaping, the correct cartridges to use, how to use it, and many other details.

When you understand the vape pen, you correctly use it and protect it from costly damage often not covered in the warranty.

Vape the right material

You can use three distinct materials with a vape pen: dry herbs, juices, oils, and concentrates. Many new users think they can use any material on their pens, but this isn’t the case as the coils aren’t built to support all the materials.

For an excellent experience and to avoid damaging your mouthpiece, only use the materials that your vape pen supports. If you aren’t sure which materials to use, read the manual.

If you have an advanced pen that can support more than one material, ensure that you fully understand what you need to do to switch between the materials effectively. For example, you need to know whether you need to add mesh so that the dry herb doesn’t burn or swap the chambers to use it with concentrates.

Avoid over packing the materials.

When you are relaxing, you want a long, relaxing vaping session without having to continually reapply the vaping material to the heating coils, right? And there is nothing wrong with this.

Unfortunately, to sustain the long vaping session, you have to over pack to avoid reapplying the material, and this often leads to problems. For example, when you over pack your wax vape pen, wax bubbles expand and overflow into the heating chamber.

The result of this is a sticky mess on your vape pen that can cause blockages that make vaping difficult or impossible.

If you are using herbs, over packing means the vape pen doesn’t burn as well as it should, so you remain with a lot of waste and have a mediocre vaping experience. You don’t want this, do you?

To avoid the messes and give your pen a long life, avoid over packing, regardless of the length of the vaping session. 

If you’re going to have a long session, use a little material at a time. It will be an inconvenience and momentarily halt your vaping session, but it will be worth it.

Set the right temperature

The temperature you set your vape pen significantly affects your experience. The ideal temperature in most pens is between 420°F and 550°F, and this is where you should set your vape pen.

The lower end of this spectrum will give you a smooth and flavorful hit, but you won’t get the full effect of all the compounds in the vaping material.

Setting the temperature too high might damage the vape pen, and you don’t want this, do you?

Pack what you want to vape

It’s tempting to pack more material than you are planning to vape so that you don’t have to reapply more later on, but don’t do this as your heating chamber and wax coils aren’t storage containers.

To keep your chamber clean and reduce the risk of spilling and creating a mess, only pack what you will vape. When you want to vape the next time, add more material.

Besides keeping your chamber clean, packing only what you need extends the life of your coils and makes regular cleaning easy.

Packing what you need also ensures that you always have a fresh batch of vaping material, which gives you great flavor and an excellent vaping experience.

If you are vaping herbs, you should note that not packing what you don’t need doesn’t mean you should wait until you need the herbs to pluck them from the stem. 

For a great experience, give the herbs time to cure and dry out properly. This means you should pluck them beforehand, but don’t store them in your vape pen.

Inhale correctly

It might sound absurd, but how you inhale on your mouthpiece significantly influences the quality of your vape session. For a great experience, take even, short puffs of medium intensity.

Avoid long, fast drags as you will be introducing too much air into the system that will be cooling the heating element, making it work harder than it should.

The long, fast drags also increase your risk of sucking up too much material into your mouthpiece, causing it to clog up.

Stay away from short puffs the same way you avoid long puffs as they produce little to no vapor, wasting your bud.

For the best experience, take medium puffs that last for about 3 seconds each. After taking the puffs, stop, inhale, exhale and repeat.

Keep the vape pen clean.

Regular vape pen cleaning will prolong the life of your mouthpiece and keep the flavor spot on. The cool thing is you don’t have to worry about this, as you can find all the cleaning tips and tricks in your manual.

Don’t overuse the vape pen.

Regardless of how much you love your vape pen, have some control over it and avoid overusing it. Remember that the vape pen isn’t a lollipop or pacifier, so use it only when the urges kick in—don’t have it in your mouth all the time.

Besides overdosing on the material you are vaping, there is also the risk of burning a hole in your wallet as the material quickly becomes too expensive due to excessive vaping.

Like everything else in life, maintain some balance.