8 fashion trends that will blow up the world

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that fashion trends will never stop changing. Whether you’re reading this because you just landed a job as a stylist or you’re ready to break into the business yourself, trends keep coming and going. In an ever-changing industry, we like to focus on what lies ahead rather than dwelling on the past. The good news is that fashion trends right now don’t have much room left for growth. Here are 8 of the most exciting trends that will blow up the world in 2023.

Dresses for all occasions

This one’s a no-brainer. Dresses are one of the biggest trends in the fashion industry and timeless styles in all of fashion. They can be worn as a day dress, elegant evening gown, or even a lounging top. Plus, they’re the perfect complement to almost any look. Whether you’re going for a bright-colored look with sequin accents or a more off-the-rack approach with simple chain-maille details, dresses are versatile and easy to wear, especially if you are planning a new date at

Smart and simple clothes

We all know that wearing fashion trends products that are too fancy for work and too casual for play don’t mix. Smart casual is the new standard in fashion and it’s incredibly inclusive of all kinds of personalities. Smart casual often has a relaxed, more casual feel to it—think striped tees and ripped jean shorts. You can shop a variety of styles in smart casual from tailored oxfords to 501s. If you’re looking for a more understated look, try pairing a simple chambray button-down with dark-wash jeans or a dark-wash dress with a chambray button-down.


To borrow a phrase from the fitness world, this trend is “all about the state of mind.” What fashion products are trending in this genre? Whatever you do, DO NOT try and wear a we-rope in a dress. What’s more, we-ropes are for wearing when you’re feeling really bold and want to send the message that you don’t care about looking silly. If that’s the case, go for it. We-ropes are often worn by celebrities like Rihanna and Blue Ivy, who are examples of how to rock a we-rope. If you want to try this look, you can buy a pair of blue-heeled leather boots, wear them with your favorite pair of jeans, and finish the look with a blue scarf.

Nude summer clothes

We’ve all heard stories about how hot and sticky it is in the summer, but the actual temperature is rarely quite what you’d expect. From strappy swimsuits to shorts and tank tops, you can stay cool and casual in the summer months with ease. When you’re going for a more dressy look, though, you need to make sure that your fashion beauty trends don’t become too revealing. 

Battle of the belt trends

Here come the belt trends. We’ve been hearing about the “belt effect” for years. We first saw it in action during the 90s with Moschino’s Portofino Hem, but the concept was popularized by celebrities like RiRi and Kylie Jenner. The belts have evolved from simple decorative adornments to full-blown fashion statements. Now, belts aren’t just for decoration in fashion trends stores. They can also be used as a dividing line in fashion. The classic belt is one- or two-inch wide and made of leather, metal, or cloth. More and more females are opting for belts with wider straps that are embellished with chains, studs, and/or gemstone chips. The “belt effect” kicks in full force when you wear belts that are at least three or four inches wide.

Shorts for all seasons!

Shorts have been a part of the uniform for male fashion fans young and old since the 70s. They were often worn under dress trousers, but they’ve now become their own thing. Shorts don’t need to be classically clad—anything goes with them. You can wear them with casual wear, dresses, jeans, or Converse. Shorts come in all kinds of styles, including more casual options like cropped pants, joggers, leggings, and more. You can style your shorts with just about anything. If you want to go more dressy, wear a corset-style top with them.

woman in a white-red crew-neck t-shirt and white shorts

Cardigan weather is back

We’ve all been waiting for this cold weather to come around for a while, but we’re finally getting it. And while we’re all excited to apply fashion trends skincare to protect from cold, we have to be dressed warmly as well. It’s cold, it can be a bit windy, and there might be snowflakes, but that’s about it. If you do get cold, wear these comfy cardigans and mittens from Lululemon to stay warm.

Spring sparkles

There’s something about the smell of grass and flowers in the springtime that brings about the most wonderful feelings. That’s why we love to pile on the green and orange in springtime—it’s a great chance to showcase our favorite color and be happy for the season. But what to wear with spring sparkles? You can wear shorts, pants, dresses, or neutrals with it. But if you’re going for a more casual look, try pairing your spring look with a pair of ripped-up jeans or a pair of chukka boots.