6 Fashionable Gifts For Older Men

Is it time to buy a gift for that special man in your life? Be it your husband, father,  brother, or just someone that means a lot to you, buying the perfect gift can be a rewarding experience. It’s a common myth that men don’t care about fashion, many guys love to show off a trendy outfit and look good doing it! Here are 6 fun and fashionable gift ideas you might not have otherwise thought of.

#1. The Classic T-Shirt For Every Age

T-shirts never go out of style and you can easily find a design that fits any age. Older men love to toss on a t-shirt for doing yard work, hanging out with the family and grandkids, or running up to the store. You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to t-shirts. 

  • You can go for a classic solid colored shirt. The key here is to look for quality. A soft durable t-shirt in his favorite color makes a great option. Try these cotton-blend shirts from Bolter. 
  • Go for a laugh with a novelty Tee. There is no shortage of funny t-shirts out there. Like this one with a cute pun. Dads and grandpas are the kings of corny jokes so a funny t-shirt is a great gift. A funny t-shirt for grandpa like this one from Etsy will do the trick. 
  • Show off your love for vintage with a birthday shirt. Check out this vintage style throwback shirt that is perfect for celebrating his 70th birthday! You can easily find other milestone birthdays as well.  

#2. Help An Older Gentleman With His Beard Grooming

Beards are very trendy these days, with even the full beard getting the love and attention it deserves. According to, older men sporting a beard and a mustache combo in all white are a dapper look indeed. Beard grooming can take a bit of work though, so celebrate your hairy loved one with a product gift he’ll use to stay looking sharp. 

You can get a Starter Kit from The Beard Club for under $30. It includes beard oil, cream, balm, and a comb. If you want to go for luxury, spring for the premium kit with more extras including beard shampoo, a straight-edge razor, and more. 

#3. Watches For Senior Men 

Watches have long been a sign of luxury and an expensive or high-quality watch is something many fashionable men have longed for in their lives. You can get a decent watch without totally breaking the bank and it would make a stunning gift for an older man who hasn’t had the opportunity to own a decent watch in his lifetime. You can’t go wrong with a Rolex or an Omega if you are going high-end. This New York Times article highlights what good investment watches are for men. A well-maintained watch can even be passed down to future generations. 

If you don’t have the budget for super high-end, you can still get a fabulous fashionable timepiece for around $100. 

#4. Fashionable Socks For Older Men 

Socks get a bad rap for being a boring gift. That simply isn’t true! Socks can be a great gift if you put some thought into them. What’s the number one obstacle for buying gifts for older family members? Usually, it’s that they already have everything they want or live in small spaces without a lot of room for trinkets. Socks make a great gift for seniors because it’s something everyone needs and they wear out over time, needing to be replaced. Also, according to a BBC health report, it’s not good for your health to go without socks because too much sweat can lead to fungal infection. 

Socks don’t have to be boring and white, choose colorful or even playful socks! These themed and patterned socks from NoColdFeet make great gifts! You can also find zany patterns, awesome groomsmen socks, and more. 

#5. Comfortable Men’s Shoes After 60

As you get older, it gets more important than ever to keep moving. It’s good for your joints and your heart. Walking can keep seniors mobile and independent longer, according to Harvard Medicine. 

Health Benefits Of Walking For Seniors Includes:

  • Improved mental state and memory
  • Reduce the risk of diseases
  • Keeps weight down
  • Strengthens muscles keeping you safe from fall injuries
  • Boosts energy 

To keep your dad, grandpa, or husband walking after 60, get them a part of comfortable walking tennis shoes. Walking shoes for seniors don’t need to be ugly, get a fashionable pair so they are excited to put them on every day! You want a sturdy pair with good motion control and lightweight material that won’t weigh them down. Also, look for good cushion and support. 

#6. Sunglasses Make A Great Gift

An ageless fashion accessory is a good pair of sunglasses. As we age, our eyes get more sensitive to the light. A good pair of sunglasses will make a great gift for anyone over 50. There are also lots of styles, shapes, and colors to choose from so even a picky fashion-loving man will be able to find something they love to look at themselves in the mirror in. Here are a few styles and brands that people love. 

  • Ray-Bans are a classic and arguable the most popular and well-known men’s sunglass brand around. Check out these HighStreet Ray-Bans with a square masculine shape.
  • A newer trendy style is wooden sunglasses like men’s glasses. You can even get your gift engraved and put a lovely message for your recipient. 
  • Speaking of Ray-Bans, a lot of older men enjoy the aviator style sunglasses that fan out a bit at the lower outside edge. It’s a classic throwback style that looks good on just about all face shapes.