4 Celebrities Men Should Idolize In Style

A stylish man doesn’t necessarily need specific inspiration to dress well. At the same time, however, we all know that there are a few standout celebrities throughout history who have really set the bar for the rest of us. That’s not to say we need to become fan boys, or directly imitate these people – but using them as general models for how to dress sharp and make a good first impression definitely isn’t a bad idea.

If that idea interests you, here are four men you might want to look up to.

Here are the 4 Celebrities Every Men Should Idolize In Style

George Clooney


We’ll start with the modern king of well-dressed men everywhere. George Clooney has been considered one of the better-looking men on the planet for most of his adult life (since the early ER days, really), and while a lot of it is natural, a lot of it’s also due to how well he presents himself. Clooney is blessed with a natural ability to rock a suit (let’s face it – some men are just lucky to wear one better than others). But more specifically, he manages carefree elegance. Clooney’s best suited looks often come without a tie, proving that a good cut and tailored fit, worn confidently, is the perfect look these days – even if the suit itself isn’t the fanciest ensemble you can find. (Not to be outdone, Clooney’s wife Amal has also mastered every outfit and become a fashion icon unto herself!)

Frank Sinatra


In some ways, Sinatra is a previous generation’s Clooney – exuding an artful, gentlemanly composure without seeming to try too hard. Plus, they both did Ocean’s 11 movies! It’s arguable that no individual has had more of a lasting impact on men’s fashion than Sinatra. He set the tone for Hollywood, for musicians, for nights out at cocktail bars and casinos…. In fact just recently an article about casino fashion referenced Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr., suggesting that the days of “making gaming look slick” have long since passed, with sloppier attire winning the day now. It’s a shame, and a reminder that sometimes the old standards are the good ones. You might not wear the same ultra-slim tie and famous hat Sinatra often had on, but using him as inspiration to dress nicely even for an average night out isn’t a bad idea.

Johnny Depp


Back to the modern era, we’ll point to a somewhat different look. While Clooney and Sinatra exuded class in their respective eras, Depp is a little bit more independent. He’s rarely dressed particularly formally or even conventionally, yet he’s always found a way to stand out with his attire – and not in a distracting or unappealing way. Whether he’s wearing a v-neck and jeans, a blazer over a tee shirt, low-hanging pendants or a fedora, Depp has managed to cultivate a very specific look using an incredibly wide range of outfits and accessories. It’s hard, frankly, to dress like him – but his typical style is a valuable reminder that bold can be good if you know what you’re doing. The best look for a modern man can be a mix and match of elements, rather than necessarily what’s on the front cover of a magazine.


Miles Davis



To say famous jazz musician Miles Davis was a previous era’s Depp would be a stretch. Like Depp, however, he thrived by projecting a certain coolness, rather than by wearing the nicest or most expensive suit on the rack. Davis was the full package, such that every aspect of his being seemed to direct you toward the conclusion that he was just cool, as it’s so often put. Several years ago, a piece marking the 20th anniversary of his death explored “his wardrobe, his wit, his way with a basketball,” speaking to the idea of how well-rounded his impact was. This is a guy who would perform in a sweater, customize his own suit after buying it, and occasionally go for a funky-casual look. He’s a lesson in the power of pure confidence for any man.