11 Exciting Facts About Instagram You Might Not Know Yet

Social media has become a part of us and has made an impact on our daily lives. Social media is mostly about sharing photos, videos, and even plain text to communicate and express ourselves in a specific manner. 

It is also used in various platforms such as business, educational, fitness, personal use, and many more. Instagram is a popular social media platform wherein you can share your images with the people that you follow, your followers, and perhaps strangers if you have set your account to the public. Here are the facts that you might not know yet:

Facebook Owns Instagram

One of the exciting Instagram facts is that Instagram is currently owned by Facebook now. As you can see, you can have all the stories, images, and videos that you shared on Instagram posted on your Facebook if you choose to do so.

Cole Rise designed the latest Instagram logo.

Back then, Instagram realized that their logo is a little bit unappealing to users. Because of that, Instagram’s co-founder approach Cole Rise, a skilled photographer slash designer, to redesign their logo professionally and more appealing to everyone.

Sunset-like Instagram story icon has a meaning behind it.

As most people do not know, the sunset gradient around a person’s display picture or icon in the Instagram stories represents progress or “a new and optimistic day.”

Popular Searches on Google Search And Downloads On App Store

In 2018, Instagram placed second in the Apple app store with the highest actively downloaded the app. The 10th overall prominent Google search was Instagram in 2019. Throughout that duration, about half of the leading ten search results were standard news, climatic conditions, and video clips.

The Instagram Search Feature Can Be For Many Purposes

Consumers may browse for hashtags and individuals by their username or screen name by utilizing search functions. Separately different variables, such as individuals, similarities, and favorite posts, are the foundation for the search queries.

Instagram Character Size Limits For Direct Messages

This app, also recognized as Instagram Direct Message or DM, enables confidential or a team of fifty users to send texts between members. Instagram messages could be accessed online on the web only for customers. A twenty-four-hour rest will also be enabled once a client strikes the Instagram quota.

Download Your Instagram Photos And Videos Through Their Feature

The data backup app from Instagram was released in 2018 and allowed consumers to view and download Instagram images before deactivation. As a result of a free article from TechCrunch that demanded a closely related ‘Access your Data’ feature, Instagram introduced this application.

Free Instagram Followers Third-Party App To Boost Instagram Accounts For Business And Personal Reasons

Most people are aiming to boost their profiles by building their market. There are also some other factors, but a prime example is to cater to products for the promotion of associates. However, buying Instagram followers doesn’t always equate to sales or leads. So in the long run, companies with this kind of practice will not benefit. Most of the free Instagram followers are dummy accounts. 

The best hours to post your Instagram photos and videos are from 9 AM to 11 AM EST.

This timeline is centered on twelve million Instagram posts study. Nonetheless, each Instagram profile possesses a distinctive character that flows. It is essential to remember this. Then it will be the perfect opportunity to share on Instagram with the numerous followers based in various timescales.

Some Models, Vloggers, And Bloggers Use Instagram As Their Online Platform

As another example, Instagram stars may use their Instagram page to schedule professional modeling. These Instagram models typically serve as self-reliant models, looking for hiring possibilities, and communicating with photographers and casters. Their Instagram feeds double as an online portfolio. Therefore, Instagram primarily serves as a measure of their performance on social media engagement and product performance.

Instagram Has A Music Feature For Your Stories

The ability to incorporate music into Instagram stories will match the situation and help people effectively communicate their thoughts. Only press to install a sticker and then search for the music logo to attach audio. Tapping it launches a song library that can be used by consumers.


Presently, Instagram has a hundred million registered accounts and forty million images posted and posted each day, making Instagram are among these days’ most widely known sites for image exchange sharing and online communication.

Instagram is a simple, spectacular, and enjoyable means to exchange your experiences between peers and friends to connect with Twitter, Facebook, and even Tumblr to see the global community. Users may snap a photo or clip to upload on Instagram. Aside from being an effective way to communicate with friends, Instagram can be a platform used professionally or for business matters.