Is it Safe to Get Plastic Surgery in Mexico?

Over the last one decade, Mexico has emerged as the world’s premier medical tourism destination for cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery procedures. The 2019 ISAPS survey ranked Mexico among the top five countries for plastic surgery. However, many patients in the US and Canada are still understandably worried about whether it is safe to have plastic surgery in Mexico. In this post, we will evaluate the safety profile and benefits of choosing Mexico as your destination for plastic surgery.


World-Class Standards of Care in Mexico


Thousands of women and men from the US, Canada, Europe, and various other countries now choose Mexico every year for safe and affordable plastic surgery and other procedures. A key reason is that the Mexican government and large private enterprises have invested heavily to build a world-class healthcare infrastructure in the country. The country’s economy gets a significant boost from medical tourism. 

As a result, the government has ensured that patients from the US, Canada, and other countries receive the same quality of care and facilities that they are accustomed to in their home country. Plastic surgery in Mexico is performed at some of the leading hospitals and surgery centers, which are located in prime urban areas across the country. Highest safety and security measures as well as top-rated hotels, restaurants, transportation, and other amenities are available in these areas for the visitors. 

Many of the plastic surgeons in Mexico are board certified by the national health council in the country, and some are even certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Surgeons in Mexico are highly qualified with specialized training in cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery. The surgeons and staff at the hospitals receiving international patients are bilingual, so people from English-speaking nations have no difficulty in communicating with the medical teams. 

Advanced Surgical Technologies and Equipment

The full service hospitals and plastic surgery centers in Mexico are equipped with cutting-edge surgical technology to deliver best-in-class treatments to medical tourists. The operating rooms, intensive care units, emergency rooms, and in-house diagnostics and laboratories at these hospitals are built and managed using international quality standards. Much of latest surgical tools and equipment are imported from the leading US manufacturers. 

Most of the hospitals offering plastic surgery in Mexico have multi-specialty medical teams, which ensure complete in-house care for the patient. Whether you want a single cosmetic surgery procedure for the body, breast or face, or a combination of procedures, you can undergo a customized treatment that is tailored to meet your unique needs. Non-invasive and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments are also available, which can be performed in conjunction with plastic surgery procedures. 

Highest Success Rates for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery in Mexico has steadily gained global acceptance over the years because of the country’s high success rates even in complex procedures such as rhinoplasty, facelift, breast augmentation, liposuction, Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck, and mommy makeover surgery. The doctors and other attending staff in Mexico provide personalized care and attention to every patient, no matter how major or minor may be their procedure. 

Right from your initial consultation to the surgery and recovery process, you will have direct access to your surgeon and they will closely engage with you at every step. Unlike the US or Canada, where the best qualified surgeons are often too busy, the surgeons in Mexico will prioritize medical tourist patients and address their concerns with total personal involvement. 

This makes a vital difference to the final outcomes in procedures such as plastic surgery, where the surgical skill and artistic sense of the surgeon is crucial to achieving safe and aesthetically appealing results. Most satisfied patients who return to their home country after the procedure share their favorable experience with friends and family. This is one of the primary reasons for the continually growing popularity of plastic surgery in Mexico. 

Privacy, Exclusivity and a Healthy Environment

Many patients from the US and Canada are concerned about keeping their plastic surgery procedure private and confidential. Choosing Mexico as their destination for these procedures gives them the perfect opportunity to maintain privacy and exclusivity. Patients can comfortably rest and recover after their procedure at some of the finest hotels in Mexico, while experiencing the salubrious environs and a healthy climate that the country offers. 

Access to the best hospitals and doctors for plastic surgery is easier and faster in Mexico, waiting times are almost non-existent and excellent hospitality and individualized care is available to the patient. All these things add to the superlative treatment experience and shows in the patient’s final results after they have fully recovered from their surgery.

Choosing a Reliable Medical Tourism Company 

To ensure complete safety and success of your plastic surgery in Mexico, probably the most important decision you must make is to work with a reliable and dedicated medical tourism provider. Your medical tourism company should have an impeccable reputation and a proven track record of past performance. 

They should have tie-ups with some of the best hospitals and plastic surgeons in Mexico. The provider should have the resources and staff to help you with your virtual consultations, travel and accommodation, medical tests and documentation and other requirements for your safe and successful plastic surgery in Mexico.