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Top 10 Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Men

When planning a wedding, you want to make sure that everything is perfect and the day is a memorable one. And, like you have a checklist for the dress, shoes, venue, you should look out for your hair too. Or maybe you don’t even know what to do about your hair, or even know what haircut to choose? Wedding hairstyles for men is definitely a thing guys! And you don’t deserve to ever look basic.

We’ve helped compile different stylish haircuts for men, from classic to modern, short to long, contemporary to retro. To look dapper at the wedding, see our list of 10 hairstyle ideas for men and make your choice.

High low evergreen

This high low cut is one of the most evergreen hairstyle ideas for the classic man. This hairstyle is the actual retro presentation. It throws us all the way back to the boogie days. Perfect for men with kinky locks, it’s quite easy to maintain. Allow the hair to grow out to create enough locks for the top. Trim with a clipper through the top to give it a flat even cut like a tended flowerbed. Flatten the sides to perfection and finish with a maze hairline style.

Textured tousle

For men who want the tousled wedding hairstyles, this is your plug. This hairstyle looks like the bride ran her hand through it, just before they left for the wedding. Hair products will help achieve this look. Have the hair textured and then effortlessly tousled.

Subtle Mohawk

For the young and free groom, subtle Mohawk is a fine wedding haircut. With a full broad front hair and flattened sides, it expertly tapers towards the back. And, ends in a very narrow line of hair at the base of the neck. The front shouldn’t be done into spikes to avoid a hip look. But, can get blown out from more volume.

Male bun

This is the perfect wedding hairstyle for the simple, yet alpha male. Buns are not made for the brides alone. Men can rock a bun as well. Bring your hair to submission by applying a compatible gel on your hair. Moisturize, comb into a bun, pack, and pin down. This is an all-time contemporary hairstyle fit for a formal or beach wedding.


Looking for haircut ideas for men to rock every day? It’s the buzzzz. And, for a wedding? Even better. Get the hair cut in a sleepy spread format, with the front being a bit fuller. Finish off with a perfect shaped square hairline.

Cropped progressive waves temple fade

A classic! Cropped progressive waves are one of the befitting hairstyles for men with short hair. Right from the times of “Boyz II Men”, this hairstyle was a thing. Apply products on your hair to give it waves, if you don’t have some natural ones. Trim very low until the waves begin to run like a track. Finish off with a temple fade.

Lean back cut

This is one of the suave men hairstyles that will not go out of fashion. It’s timeless. Treat your hair to some products for volume and obedience. Flatten the sides of the hair. Lift the front a bit and flick it to the back, so that it looks pseudo coiffed. Spray-on products to help it stay.

Short and curls

Thinking of rocking a nerdy look on your wedding day? Short tousled curls are the style to go for. This gives an “I woke up like this” look. Trim your hair to about 3 or 4 inches for all round the head.  Moisturize the hair, curl them up and blow-dry, then release the curls and run your hands or a comb through the curls.

Cropped pompadour

A classic like the female pompadour hairstyle. This is one of the best men wedding hairstyles for the dapper groom. And, the man needs a lot of hair to achieve the look. Trim the hair on the sides to a gradual fade out as it descends, leaving the hair at the top. Slick the full hair at the top to the side and spray-on products to help it stay and give it shine.

Tapered cut

New hairstyles for men don’t get better than the tapered cut. The confident man will say yes to this. Slick the full front hair to the side and use products to make it stay. Then trim all other parts of your hair into a gradual descending fade. This hairstyle is a knockout.

Look dapper on your wedding day with stylish haircuts for men. Choose your best wedding hairstyles for men in the post.