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The most popular men’s hairstyle looks for this season

It’s not only women who can play with their hairstyle. However, it may be quite tricky to choose the proper cut according to your face shape and style when there are so many trends to follow. This guide will help you choose something fresh and unique next time you go to the barbershop. Whether you want to keep your hair longer or want to try a layered, textured haircut, there are many alternatives to remain fresh and cool.

Textured crop

This style, in a nutshell, is a mix of the short back and sides where the length on top works naturally. It comes in many variations and can quickly turn into the classic James Bond look. All you need is to put on the right tuxedo, polished shoes, and you are ready to roll. This was the haircut of the casino players from the 60s and 70s when land-based bingo and casino venues were trendy. Today, however, that has drastically changed with the online casino and bingo sites rising in popularity and changing the gaming landscape. Casino websites offer many options regarding bonus offers, similarly to new bingo sites with 100 bonus spins on first deposit.

The textured crop suits best on those with thick, wavy hair that has a natural texture. You should ask your barber whether something similar would work for you, cause maintaining it involves minimal fuss. By putting a styling paste or foam through your fingers and applying it lightly and evenly through your hair, you’ll create a softer, undone appearance.

Undercut Quiff

The quiff is the typical adolescent rebellious looking hairstyle that requires few hair products more. This version, however, is not too complicated to handle. Ask your barber to disconnect the sides from the top at the zero level of the clipper, creating a sharp contrast in length. Then, you’ll need a taper off through the neck and sides while the length of your hair on the top will be untouched. Those familiar with styling this look will tell you that the technique is in the steady hand. Towel-dry the hair and apply a pre-styling product. Spay a bit of sea salt water on the hair and comb your hair from the roots. In the end, use a volume booster to help you put your hair together.

Tapered High and Tight

Not really into long hairstyles that require extra time for styling? Then this haircut is perfect for you. This is a timeless, style-conscious classic, but you have to have the oval or round face; otherwise, you won’t achieve the desired look. Most of the artistry and variations are down to your barber’s skills, so once you’ve survived the short hair chat, the hardest part is over. To style this look, apply a styling foam to towel-dried hair, working from back to front. This way, you’ll distribute the product evenly and give your hair texture with an overall natural look.

Messy Man Bob

The long, messy hair has long been the trademark of rebels and grungers. It’s been labelled as a hairstyle that happens to the men when they give up grooming. However, this look does not have to be messy to get that rock star look. This hairstyle works with every thickness and texture of hair. The key to getting it right is the cut and layers, which will complement your face shape. Pleasingly, this cut does not require any specific styling. Let it dry naturally and use a conditioner with the shampoo. You can use a bit of sea salt spray for firming to create defined curls. 

Hairstyles for men can be more versatile than you imagine. All you need is a good barbershop, guidance on what will work best for you and your image and you’ll refresh your overall look. Hopefully, these ideas will help you to distinguish your style from the crowd.