Summer Skincare Tips For Men To Prevent Skin Damage

Women and skincare is a never ending love story. Women have long back known the importance of a good skincare routine. They understand their skin and make sure to do everything that’s needed to keep it healthy and glowing! 

But what stops men from doing so? 

Isn’t your skin equally important? Does it not deserve equal care? Of course it does! So what are you waiting for? Start prioritizing skincare,man! It’s no rocket science, just a few easy steps and consistency is all you need to make your skin a healthy and glowing one. 

Men are lucky than women for their skin is thick and less prone to aging and other skin problems. But this doesn’t mean that you are totally free of skin problems. Seasonal changes, pollution, bad lifestyle, stress etc can make your skin prone to acne, dryness,oiliness, breakouts and more. Having a good and consistent routine will definitely help in keeping your skin fresh and glowing.

Talking about seasonal changes, summer is here and the hot air, sun exposure, sweat and pollution can all lead to skin damage. So a summer skincare routine is all you need to keep that skin in a good condition.

Here are 5 Simple Summer Skincare Tips for Men…

  • Wash Your Face Twice A Day

Washing your face twice a day, keeps a lot of skin problems away. The very first step for a healthy and glowing skin is washing your face twice a day with a good cleanser or a face wash. Avoid using soaps. The cleanser will help to clean your pores and also exfoliate your skin. 

A sweaty face combined with dirt and dust can lead to bacteria making room for pimples and breakouts. So it is important to wash your face once in the morning and later when you come home from outside or at night before sleeping. This will also help to avoid oily skin problems that may occur more during summers. 

  • Scream Sunscreen for Skincare

Too much sun exposure can damage your skin, so applying sunscreen before you leave the house is a must. Make SPF your best friend especially during the summers.You must apply it 20-30 minutes before leaving the house and if you are going to stay out for more than two hours take it along and reapply after every two hours.This will prevent skin tanning, redness and irritation. Apply it on all parts of your body, especially the one that is exposed to the sun. You can also apply a lip balm to protect your lips.

  • Exfoliate, Tone and Moisturize

Exfoliate your skin by using warm water and a scrub to remove all the dirt from the skin. This will also help to remove the dead skin and reduce ingrown hair.

A toner will help in closing the pores that may have opened due to sweat. You can use a natural toner like rose water, aloe vera, green tea, etc. A toner will give you a fresh, vibrant and smooth skin. 

Moisturizing your skin in summers is as important as doing it winters. In summers, your skin becomes more oily and sweaty. If you do not moisturize your skin, it will become dry and in turn generate more oil naturally.You can opt for thicker gel-based moisturizer to protect your skin for long hours. 

  • Grooming

Scruffy facial hair can be unhealthy. It can lead to infection and other skin problems. Clean and trim your mustache and beard regularly. Don’t let the sweat and dirt get into it. Use a good quality beard shampoo and beard oil for a healthy and groomed beard.

Post shaving you must use an aftershave cream or balm to avoid skin damage and restore lost moisture. Do these little things and watch how they reflect on your skin.

  • Eat quality, drink quantity

The type of food you eat and the amount of water you drink will definitely affect your skin. So avoid oily, fried, unhealthy food and eat more greens and other healthy stuff. Add more of Vitamin A and C and proteins to your diet.You don’t want to say hi to acne right? Also drink lots and lots of water.

The secret to clear and healthy skin is definitely eating right and drinking more water. And do not forget it is important to stay hydrated in summers. Drink more juices, eat more fruits and live a healthy and happy life.The more happy you are, the more that face will glow! 

Try these simple and easy tips and get ready for a perfect summer skin. Make that face glow and get rid of all the skin problems. These were our tips for summer skincare routine we’ll be back with more skincare tips and remedies for men shortly. Until then enjoy your summers and promise us you’ll take care of your skin, just like you do for your body.