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Trendy And Stylish Standard Top Knot Hairstyles For Men To Try

Standard Top Knot Hairstyles – Side Shaved Standard Top Knots, Standard Top Knots with Beard, Infographics, etc

Trendy And Stylish Standard Top Knot Hairstyles For Men To Try

The Top Knot Hairstyles are among the most favourites hairstyles for men. If you have long hair which can be tied as a knot then the Standard Top Knot This top knot is a very standard version of this style. Just gather all of the hair at the top of the head and place into a bun for this effortless look. Top knots have become a popular style amongst men, especially those who are into the hipster trend. It has been proven time and time again that men can rock this style without having their macho card revoked. This top knot is trending and the men who have long hair are seen sporting this style.

Before getting into the details of Standard Top Knot Hairstyle, here are some other combinations of Top Knot Hairstyles

The Standard Top Knot Hairstyles were being sported by men since the time of the Samurais and they are back in fashion. So it’s pretty safe to say that manly men rocking buns is nothing new. If you’re interested in giving the top knot a try, no matter if you’re rocking a tapered cut or a head full of locks. The top knot hairstyle for men, also known as the top knot bun, is a hybrid between the trendy undercut and man bun. Flaunting the undercut is the key to the best top knots. If you’ve already got an undercut, trying out the male top knot is quite easy and noncommittal – just pull or comb your hair back and tie it up. Men Who have medium length hair and wish to sport the man bun can now try the top knot to get the same effect and the same look.

Always keep in mind that the hairstyle will require the sides and back of the hair to be buzzed or trimmed very short and this is what differentiates it from the man bun.

Check out how you can combine your Standard Top Knot Hairstyle to elevate the look:

Side Shaved Standard Top Knots:

Side shaved hairstyles are a great success when it comes to men’s hairstyle and a lot of people are following this trend. This is extremely funky and can be a head turner as you walk by. This may not be appreciated at your workplace if you are into corporate jobs, but if your boss is cool with it, this hairstyle is the right pick.

side shaved

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Standard Top Knots with Beard:

This is one of the sexiest and a badass looks when it comes to combining with the top knot is the beard. Beard styles are a great way to make the top knot look even more trendy and fashionable. There are different styles of beard u can try along with the knot.

2 Amazing Ways To Style The Standard Top Knot Hairstyle
Standard Top Knot Hairstyles
Standard Top Knot Hairstyles For Men To Try