6 Reasons To Choose The Better Option – Soap & Body Wash

With the advent of body wash the market has been split up. A debate about whether body wash is better or bar soap began. Today I plan to settle it once and for all.

I have decided to test both these products o various different parameters so that a clear winner emerges.

  1. We begin with hygiene. Here it is the clear winner. Because the container keeps the liquid protected and fresh

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2. As far as cleansing goes, the bar is definitely a little better due to the presence of sodium lauryl sulfate which makes it easier to remove oil and dirt

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3. But the body wash is better at skin care due to its low pH levels. It is a definite plus for people with a sensitive skin

4. The bar is the winner on the fragrance front as its odor lasts longer than a body washes

5. Body washes are easier to use not to mention convenient for he purpose of travel

6. In terms of prices, the bar is the clear winner

Since we have three of each it’s a tie. But you can pick a winner depending on what you think is the most important quality.



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