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The Cool, Sexy, Attractive Yet Casual Side Braid Top Knot Hairstyle

Side Braid Top Knot Hairstyles – Side Braided With Center Designs, Double Top Knot with Side Braid, Infographics, etc

The Cool, Sexy, Attractive Yet Casual Side Braid Top Knot Hairstyle

Side Braid Top Knot Hairstyles hair is cool, sexy, attractive, casual and truly effortless. Side Braided top knot is really playful and also very convenient. The whole purpose is to make your hair look funkier and neat as the braid do not come off easily so the style is also long lasting and you don’t need regular touch ups all day. Also this hairstyle has a very mischievous aura around it that women find irresistible in men!

Before getting into the details of Side Braid Top Knot Hairstyles. Here are some of the other Top Knot Hairstyles that are in trend:

The Side Braid Top Knot is a casual friendly look and can be your everyday style for evening out with your pals. It comprises of a pair of casual trousers or chinos with a t-shirt and blazer. Add in some sneakers or loafers coupled with a watch and belt. Your hairstyle will be wild top and trimmed sides look. The top of your head will have longer hair totally windblown and the sides will be trimmed. Back of your head may also be trimmed for a very cool look or just flattened down using your fingers.  This look is great for a casual meet with your girl or just a day out with your whole group of friends. This is also a very neat look for casual breakfast dates.

The modern top knot or the side braid top knot is the perfect college style with convenience at styling as well as maintenance and also a very interesting charm. This look is surely a conversation starter and not very common style for college goers thus giving you the edge!

You can choose to go with variations and combinations and if you are bearded it adds the hotness to your entire look. This look brings in the sex appeal to your routine style and elevates your style quotient.

These are the best combinations with the Side Braid Top Knot Hairstyle:

Side Braided With Center Designs:

You need not limit your braids just to the sides; rather, you can take the braids to the center of your head with some designs to add to the funk. The centre braid designs can be simple, connected to the side braids or can be separated. These designs take a bit of effort to get done but if done well, it will simply elevate your entire outlook.

Double Top Knot with Side Braid:

Single Knot is a mainstream and sporting a double knot is in fashion since the last few years. The braids add to the class of this look and the knot can directly be connected to the braid.

Side Braid Top Knot Hairstyles
Side Braided Top Knot Hairstyle