How to Choose & Style Short Haircuts for Men In 2023

Short haircuts for men are no longer just haircuts; they’re finishing touches to unique looks! Hop on this guide & see how to pick your ideal trendy cut.

Gone are the days when short haircuts for men were nothing but a way to keep a man comfortable with his hair. Thanks to the ever-evolving men’s fashion world, short hair has gained new significance, bringing tons of creative outlooks to cutting and styling men’s hair.

However, those great changes have also given life to a seemingly eternal number of short haircuts for men — this is where choosing a new look seems to be an impossible mission. Every man wants his short haircut to be low-maintenance, while also picturing his unique-self and fitting his image.

For those who have lost in the variety of short hair options, hair-addicts and experts from MensHairCuts will enlighten you on the most versatile and classy picks of the year, as well as share essential tips to choosing and styling short hair today.

What Short Haircuts for Men Are Popular Today?

Faded & Textured Caesar Cut

Besides giving a staggering modern vibe and providing the hair with movement, the Caesar cut works wonders framing up the forehead.

Disheveled Crew Cut

The tousled texture is reaching new heights this year, especially when paired with classic short-sides-long-top haircuts.

Undercut Fade + Shaved Design

Edginess and tidiness form a visual duo that will put you in the spotlight, and an undercut will be the best base for such experiments.

Outlined Buzz Cut

Breathing new life into ageless classics with a clean finish is the signature of today’s fashion: just finish your buzz with a balanced fade, ensuring it has sharp and neat edges.

Short Comb Over Fade

Comb over has been one of the all-time favorites for years. Well, nothing has changed, except now it can give a bigger visual impact with a soft low fade, smooth medium fade, and dramatic high fade.

Faux Hawk

This year is all about being bold enough to show off your daring self and keeping up with casual routine at the same time. For such a lifestyle, a moderately spiked hawk fade will be a hip pick.

French Crop

Lively texture, carefree feel, and low-maintenance look of the French crop make it another classic choice of modern men.

High & Tight

If you want to keep your coiled hair under control and preserve that trending minimalist feel in the hair, the high in tight is key to a balanced look.

3 Essential Tips to Choose The Right Short Haircuts for Men

#1 Consider your face shape.

As much as you love the haircut you’ve come across while looking for new ideas, if it’s not meant for your face shape, then it’s not meant for you. The haircut you choose plays a crucial role in your silhouette; if picked wrong, it can bring out those features you consider as flaws. If you have a round face, make sure the cut adds some visual height with texture and volume on top. For broad foreheads, you will want to look for fringe haircuts. Face with prominent jawlines should seek for side-swept layered tops that will balance out the look. And in case you have a long face, you should go with either a classic buzz or some voluminous and curvy crew cut.

#2 Think of your image.

Once you’ve found out what haircuts work for your face shape, you should think if they suit your overall style. Although most popular short haircuts for men can adapt to any outfit and image, it’s always better to stick to the balance. If you’re more into casual looks, you can go for shaved designs, creative fades, and messy looks. Businessmen, on the other hand, would probably prefer more restrained options that will keep up with their exquisite style.

#3 Mind your lifestyle.

Last but not least, you should ensure you’re ready to maintain the look. Do you have the time to regularly update those fade graduations and creative tattoo-like designs shaved on your sides or you’d like to go for something more flexible?

Awesome Ways to Style Short Haircuts for Men

  • Short and textured haircuts will look great with a soft layer of wax accentuating the texture.
  • Crew cuts and comb overs appear at their best with side-parts achieved with semi-shine gels and lightweight pomades.
  • Undercuts can turn into spiky quiffs and faux hawks if you style them wet with thick clays.

No wonder if your head spins when you’re in search of a new haircut for the next appointment: there are tons of options to choose from. Now that you know the basics of choosing the cut for you and have a picture of trending picks, your next cutting session will not disappoint you.