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Most Attractive Pompadour Hairstyles For Men To Rock 2020

Pompadour Hairstyles-Latest Trends, Styles, Information, Images, Etc

Warning! Not for the faint hearted! This hairstyle is those guys who want to look exceptionally awesome and cool style for men to stand out among the crowd. It’s a bold and dapper look and cannot be styled by everyone easily. It’s none other than the pompadour hairstyle. This outlandish haircut originated in the 18th century and was named after the chief mistress of Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour. Began as a feminine hairstyle, but it has come a long way through the years and has become one of the most liked and admired hairstyle in the men’s hairstyle category.

The pompadour has made a comeback into the most popular hairstyles of all-time list and is being sported by many around the globe. It is achieved by creating extremely high volume on top with super short sides. The length can be varied depending on the face shape and structure and this contrast in lengths adds interest and drama.

sexy pompadour

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For styling a pompadour, you must have long hair on top and short at the sides. It works well with any kind of combinations like the fade or undercut and a longer top can work as a pompadour. The main trick about the pompadours is the volume. The hair on top should look puffed up and this is the most crucial element that decides whether the pompadour is perfect or not.

pompadour and beard

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The pompadour rose to fame with the rise of the rock and pop culture with the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley sporting the hairstyle himself. Men have always loved the contemporary hairstyles and have been seen trying different pompadour styles which suit their personalities. There are different combinations that we can see over the years depending on the length and type of hair.

I think you have heard enough about the pompadour style and without further ado i would like to speak about the combinations and type of this hairstyle gives you simple and defined dimensions.

Classic pompadour:

The classic pompadour hairstyle is the oldest form of the pompadour that men usually prefer. This is a simple yet amazing hairstyle that catches the attention of the people. It is chosen by majority of the working professionals as it is neat and does not carry funk with it. The sides need not be trimmed rather it can be combed after applying hair gel or wax.

Choose your classic cut clean and short on the sides and back.  So, if you are considering switching up your look take a look at these images and select which of these amazing pompadour combinations you fall for. Elvis Presley flaunted it, you can too!

Wavy Pompadour:

This has more to do with the hair quality of a person! The trending pompadour style is the wavy pompadour. In this type the hair is just let go. Not everyone has the perfect hairstyle to make it work. It adds some cool definition and texture. The wavy pompadour should not be changed of the way it looks, instead it you should let it loose.

Hair gel or hair wax should not be used on the wavy hair. Embrace the waviness and use that to your advantage by creating looks that are visually interesting, yet playful.

Disconnected Pompadour:

disconnected pompadour with beard

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The undercut pompadour is one of the most easily recognizable hairdos out there. It adds to the sexiness of the outfit when the top hair and the hair on the sides are disconnected. When you want this haircut all you need to go to your hairdresser and tell him to shave of the hair in a horizontal line where you want it and keep the side portion in a faded or undercut manner. This is probably the most trending pompadour hairstyle and is a fad among the college going boys and men in their 20’s and 30’s.

This definitely is conversation starter and the popularity for this haircut is not going to come down any soon. So if you are looking for a haircut that will elevate your fashion game, the disconnected pompadour is the one.

Skin Fade Pompadour:

Now this can be tricky, but if you do it in the right way, All eyes on you boy! The pomp fade or the skin fade was the best pompadour hairstyle in 2017 and it has been the same ever since. It is an easy job for the barbers because there is no sides to work back on.

The skin fade is basically done by trimming the hair behind and the sides to the point that the skin can be visible. Before pulling this off in style, you have to get yourself a good hairdresser who you can trust with your hair. Either shave the sides off or trim it to the lowest.. After doing this, you are ready to rock.

Modern Pompadour:

The top part remains the same but the modern pompadour is all about the texture. For the modern, the sides ate into taper fade with a touch of length. Gone are the days when pompadour is done in the old traditional ways, nowadays the hairstylist have come up with better and updated versions of the haircut.

The modern pompadour creates a fusion between the pompadour and the undercut. The sides are trimmed or even shaved to the crown. Not everyone should get this hairstyle but it particular suits people with rounder faces, as it adds height and detracts from the width of the face.

Side Parted Pompadour:

The side part on any hairstyle is a hit, but combining it with the pompadour breaks all levels of hotness.  The side part pompadour hairstyle has long been a go to haircut for any stylish man. This hairstyle can be seen on men who are relatively of younger age.

The side part pompadour is not so in the category of pompadour, nor is it in the category of side part. But the fusion of both of these hairstyle makes an amazing pair and is probably the one thing that will revolutionize the hairstyling universe.

Are you ready yet? Don’t you wanna try out any one of these above said pompadour hairstyle? The next time you go to your hairdresser, I hope you remember what we you just read and get best haircut you ever had and let it be the topic of discussion among your peers! Cheers.