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7 Hairstyle Options For Men With Medium Length Hair

1) Medium Undercut

Undercut is a very cool Medium Hairstyles technique to make your hair appear more voluminous. mostly men have balding or thinning problem at the sides and in this style, the sides are trimmed down completely. The top is left to grow out bouncy and cool. This style is very attractive and easily manageable. You can use some hair gel and run your fingers for your Medium Hairstyles for a casual look or use a comb with bouncy combing technique for a more bouncier yet well finished look!

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2) The Pompadour

The medium pompadour is the best version of a pompadour style because the bounce is just perfect and so is the bump. The length of the Medium Hairstyles is perfect to be easily manageable and yet long enough for full effect of this style. If the hair is too long it may become slicker rather than voluminous.

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3) The Half Bun

The half or the top bun are the two types of buns that go really well for Medium Hairstyles. You can even combine it with an undercut or a fade for an even classier effect. Bun is very easy to manage and also looks really sexy. Add a beard and you will be the talk of the town for sure!

4) Fade Styles

Fade styles are very convenient with medium length hairstyles as compared to short and long because long hair often falls off and covers the fade on the sides and back; and the short hairstyles do not properly differentiate between the trimmed sides and the actual hair on top. Fade is a very sexy look and can even be mastered at home but make sure your first few are with the help of a professional. This is truly an everyday style and can jazz up your entire look.

5) Layers

Medium length layers have a very romantic feel. This hairstyle is considered one of the most charming style for men. What you need to do is snip off into layers when your hair is short and then let the layers naturally grow out. this will give it a more casual and effortless style statement.

6) Spikes

Spikes is a youthful hairstyle with abundant playfulness and sexiness. This style is not so versatile for long hair and only a means to cover up the hair thinning for the fine hair. In case of medium length hair, this is exactly the hair length for which this style had first come into existence. Spikes help to elongate your face as well thus giving you a slimming effect.

7) Casual waves

Wavy hair is the best hair type to have. this is because you can truly just part your hair and set it in with a comb or your fingers to discover a whole new style that is unique only to yourself. Waves are very unique and this style is always trendy because it will make you stand out with absolutely no efforts at all.


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