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Sexy Man Bun Hairstyles To Be On Top Of The Hairstyle Game

Man Bun Hairstyle- Types, Styles, Information, How To, Images, Etc

The hairstyle that once was used by the hipsters or the hippies and people from the hip hop culture has now become a common hairstyle among the younger generation. Many have been sporting the man bun style for years, but it gained immense popularity in the recent times and all credits should be given to the Hollywood sensations like Jared Leto, Brad Pitt and other famous Instagram models who brought the look to the red carpets during award functions and celeb events. They have been rocking the man bun look with ease and their fans are pumped up about getting the same hairdo as them.

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It’s not the recent times that men began to have longer hair and it was considered as a mainstream for many years, and then the best thing that could happened to them long hairs came into picture, The Man Bun! and this changed the hairstyle game for any. So what’s the fuss all about? What are man buns? Read further to know everything about this hairstyle.

Well, the man bun is a cool and sleek alternative to the ponytail for pulling long hair up and back. It can be worn high on the head or low towards the neck according to your preference. You can also tie the man bun in the middle portion. To add the extra style or sexiness you can try the undercut or fade haircuts and you will read about these style as your proceed further through our blog.

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The man bun hairstyle gives the rough look to men who are out there to conquer the world. This style adds the tinge of seduction to you and leaves a bold and wild impression on you. You will have all eyes on you the moment you enter a room with the man bun. It gives a look of a muscular man and leader, don’t believe us? check out Jon Snow from Game of Thrones and Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings. It completely changes the personality of a person and takes you to the next level of style.

Undercut Man Bun:

The Undercut man bun is another style flaunted by many in the recent years. In this hairstyle, the sides are shaved off or trimmed to the lowest level. All you need to is to tell your hairdresser what kind of an undercut you want depending on how you want them and what kind of undercut suits your personality.

The faded effect also goes well with the undercut look. This haircut creates a new hair line. It lets you wear your hair both up and down, and adds cool points to your appearance when it’s wrapped up.

Low Man Bun:

The low man bun is another style that is gaining popularity. In this type of hairdo the bun is made behind the hair at the level of the neck. The low man bun looks professional as it is not shabby in the front. All you need to do is tie your hair at the ape of you neck and there you have a man bun, which is easy to maintain, classy and professional and also helps in freeing up the hair from falling on your face.

High Man Bun:

High man bun styles

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If you don’t have anything fancy planned, don’t hesitate to loosen up with a casual man bun hairstyle. You don’t have to style your hair meticulously; you could simply tie up your hair and just leave some locks in front to get the messy yet elegant look. People are gonna love this style and will definitely be a conversation starter. The high man bun goes well with your undercut and fade look.

Man Bun Fade:

If you think the undercut is the only hairstyle that will look amazing with the man bun then you are probably wrong! The faded man bun or the man bun fade compliments your hairstyle to a great extent. The tapper fade also looks exceptionally well with this type of hairdo.

This style is common among hairdressers and has changed the look of many men. Check out these images and choose your next hairstyle accordingly.

Full Man Bun:

Finally after reading about the different lengths for a bun, it’s time to know what full man buns are. This hairdo has a sleeker appearance because it uses all of the hair on your head. Your hair length has to be maximum for this hairstyle and it is best if the hair on all sides is of equal length. The full man bun requires proper grooming and care on a regular basis to ensure that the hair is not damaged due to the way it is tied up.

Many sportsmen and musicians have been seen in the past who have sported the full man bun look. Also this bun can be best complimented by a full beard which shows maturity and man hood.

To conclude, this hairstyle serves as an amazing way to express your rebellious personality in a fashionable way. Choose your favourite full bun style that you think will suit your personality. You can adapt your bun precisely to your tastes, with varieties available for casual or formal situations alike. The man bun can be tricky, but if you have mastered the technique or pairing it with other hairstyles like the undercut, fade, braids, etc. you can set your own trend and rather than following what others do, let others copy your style and let people talk about your hair game.

Bring your entire hairstyle to life by mixing your man bun with other hairstyles. Next time you go out there to your hairdresser, remember these words and get ready to have your hair game strong.