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Fabulous Low Man Bun Hairstyles To Try Out

Man buns are the cool and trending style this season but are also getting highly common. For men that love to stand out, there are some cool man bun styles that can give them the much desired edge and all the sexy charm! One of them being the low bun: The low man bun is essentially a much laid back casual style but still a very elegant look because it is very neat. The low man bun is characterized with very neat sides and usually middle or side part is involved. This style is great for men who do not have a very long hair growth so if you have just started growing out your hair; this style is great for you.

There are some other Man Bun Hairstyles that you need to know to increase your sexiness level:

low man bun

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You need to start off with nice and clean hair. This style works really well for all hair types and although it is preferred by men with not a very long hair length, it is a great style even for longer hair. Longer hair basically means a bigger bun. If you have a short hair and still wish to have a bigger bun, a nice trick will be to curl your hair. That will increase the volume. Also, you can lightly tug on the bun and make it a bit lose thus increasing the volume.

The Low Man Bun is one of the sexiest styles in this category and has been in the in trending list since quite a few years and will be in trend the whole of 2018. Men can sport this style with their casual attire and also with their professional wear. This style can be flaunted to your workplace if you have longer hair.

Here are the few best combinations with the Low Man Bun hairstyle :

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Low Dreadlock Man Bun:

The dreadlocks hairstyle seems to also be re-surfacing nowadays in mainstream society and re-gaining its popularity from back in the nineties. The Low Man Bun with dreadlock is a perfect hairstyle to get you the badass savage look. Since plenty of guys are growing their manes long to wear topknots and man buns, some of them are also deciding to opt for the locked-and-knotted hairstyling approach and are thus getting their natural manes into dreadlocks.

dreadlock man bun hairstyle

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Messy Low Man Bun

The low messy man bun is in trend since few years and is also among the recent favorites. This is helpful for those who do not have long messy hair. In this the hair is tied behind the neck and the hair on top and the side s is kept messy and as it is and is not tied. Pairing it with a beard is one of the best options to increase the sexiness factor.

Fabulous Hairstyle men should try-

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Low Man Bun