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The Coolest Long Undercut Mohawk Hairstyle For Men To Try

Long Undercut Mohawk Hairstyles – Slick Back, Centre spikes, Infographics, etc

The Coolest Long Undercut Mohawk Hairstyle For Men To Try

Long Mohawk hairstyles for men range from the long slick back to the man bun and flat top to the afro. One of the original hairstyles for long hair, the Mohawk is always cool. Undercut Mohawk with long hair looks insanely attractive and eccentric. There are various kinds of hairstyles in this area that are hard for a man to pick just one to go with. However we have brought you the trendiest and the coolest Undercut Mohawk haircuts for men. Long-haired gents can also rock a Mohawk. The extra length on top only serves to add a cool, rocker vibe to the style. If you enjoy having your head free, you can make the impressive undercut. The sides are buzzed and this provides an awesome look.

Other than the Undercut, there are some other combinations of the Mohawk that you need to know:

There was a misconception that long hair could not be styled with the long hair. The new age hairstylists are bold and brave enough to try out new stuff along with the Mohawk. Long hair is spiked up along with the undercut to give the style a sexy and fashionable look. You can try out with different lengths and this will give you an idea of what style suits you best. Having this much variety, you can’t stop at one and the top part is left long and you can style it upwards with your fingers. High Mohawk with the undercut may vary in styling when it comes to different hairstyles.

More length means more styling option with Mohawk hairstyle for men now being one of the latest haircuts in the main stream, gone are those days when only punks and rebellious guys used to flaunt the Undercut Mohawk hairstyles with long hair. There are different types of Mohawks, for long and short hair, for curly and straight hair, and for those wanting to flaunt the Mohawk with fade sides. The growing popularity of the Mohawk haircut styles is attributed to the following of this range of hairstyle by men from the elite society like film stars, sports personalities and fashion models.

Here are some combinations that go well with the Undercut Mohawk to elevate the look even further-

Slick Back Undercut Mohawk:

Slick Back hairstyles are one of the classiest and elegant styles and it is an absolutely amazing workplace friendly hairstyle. The Slicked Back Undercut Mohawk with long hair can be a great way to look sexy at work and outside on casual occasions as well. Hair gel and other products can be used to give your hair a sleek look and keep it styled back.

Centre Spikes Undercut Mohawk:

The centre spikes are the most basic and the oldest Mohawk style for men. The hair is spiked up in the middle rather than the back. This look is funky and is sported by funk and pop stars. Centre spikes can be sported to parties and causal events.

2 Style Of Long Undercut Mohawk Hairstyle For Men To Stay On Trend
Long Undercut Mohawk Hairstyles
Long Undercut Mohawk Hairstyle