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Look Glamorous With These Long Ponytail Hairstyles Of 2021

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Look Glamorous With These Long Ponytail Hairstyles Of 2018

Simply the best style when it comes to ponytail is the long hair ponytail. This ponytail style came into trend when even men who loved growing long hair needed a hairstyle to support their gracious look. The long hair ponytail is not just for women, and men of different age groups started flaunting this style. It came into picture back in the 18th century and is in trend ever since. Many officials of those days and the rulers of different places had this ponytail look, thus influencing a majority of people to follow this trend. It is a way to take care of their long hair and avoiding the risk of any kind of damage to it.

There are some other types of Ponytail that also are on the trending list that you should have a look at:

Most favourite among men with long hair who need new hairstyles to complement their long hair. Beyond the obvious fact that many women love men with ponytails, ponytail hairstyles offer a simple and quick alternative to blow drying and styling long hair. Although the long ponytail is similar in style to the man bun or half ponytail, the difference is that the guy ponytail is not bunched up in a ball (or bun). Guys with ponytails or the ability to grow one should try out the different variations of ponytail.

The hair is kept long and gathered at the top to style a ponytail. Even some of the hair from the neck is also gathered to unite at the top before forming a ponytail. This ponytail male hairstyle is one of the basic ponytail styles for men. This makes the appearance clean and cool. Long hair ponytail hairstyles are one of the most basic and historic hairstyles, which have been flaunted for decades together, and are still one of the popular categories of unisex hairstyles. You will find a range of varieties of male ponytail hairstyles, that are striking, cool and smart, and we have brought together the best of the best that you can try.

Check out these combinations with the long hair ponytail:

Curly Long Hair Ponytail:

The curly hair is tied in a knot on the top of the head to form ringlets. This style is a real game-changer for men who are blessed with beautiful curls and do not wish to chop them off. The hair is lifted from the face to form into a ponytail, leaving the beard (if you have one) to be highlighted. If you want to look like a bad guy, this is one of the ponytail styles for guys, which could suit you.

Curly long ponytail

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Low Tied Long Hair Ponytail:

This is for the lazy ones out there who do not have time to sit and tie the regular ponytail. Unlike them, the low ponytail is just tied to the lower portions of the hair. The low ponytail gives a casual look and also adds a bit of a mess look to your regular long hair.

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