How does Merkur Shaving Razor work?

Imagine your razor blade betrays you on the same day as the dream date, or imagine going into an office with an uneven shave. All such unfortunate scenarios can be avoided if you pick the perfect razor that matches your shaving needs.

Number of Blades

When you hear in a television commercial, a new shaving razor has come out with four or five blades, that means something. It is not a market gimmick to attract more customers regarding product development or technology advancement.

Some consumers may also be confused when a shaving razor with two or three blades performs differently than a single blade. The Merkur Razor provides a smoother and clean shave face. The blades are not sharp or dull. Remember, the fewer blades installed in the razor, the dull the shave will be.

The Perfect Razor

Imagine using a shaving blade that cuts your chin or jaw curvature during a shaving swipe. You may begin blaming the razor in anger while your face bleeds from a giant cut. The reality of the situation is the blade is not the only one to blame here.

When you choose a blade that skips or stays stationary on your face, it will cause bleeding and damage the skin. You are en enroute to a horrible shave if that happens. The Merkur razor comes with a flexible head, so it moves with your hand and hugs the challenging curves of your face. Such razors are easier to hold too. All these features combined will provide you with the perfect shave.

Preparation Before Shaving

Avoid going directly onto the face when it dries. Preparation of the face is just as necessary as shaving itself. You can use a moisturizer with jojoba oil and shea butter extracts to plump up your skin for shaving. It will open up your pores and cleanse the skin of dead skin cells before the Merkur Razor is applied with the shaving cream.

Purchase a moisturizing agent that works for you. You can also use serums with hyaluronic acid that are responsible for attracting hydration to the skin. The switch to serums is perfect for uncomfortable people with the moisturizer’s oily feeling on the skin.

Skin Type

Skin type is a significant factor that will influence your razor type. The Merkur Razor is the perfect choice if you have sensitive skin that breaks out easily with redness or product sensitivity. Go for a dull razor that will not irritate your skin. The Merkur 23C razor fits all skin types, so you can use it on legs, face, or any other part of the body.  

Yes, the dull blade will require a few swipes to achieve the same result as a sharp blade. The results will be uncertain but feel free to experiment. You live once.

The Final Thought

Choosing the perfect razor that works is part of the shaving journey. It is unlikely you will hit the park out of the park with your first razor blade purchase, so good luck with the search!