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7 Long Hairstyle Ideas For Men in 2023

Long hair and long hair hairstyles are most of the times associated with women but this is not a hidden fact that some men too are passionate about growing long hair. Men with real patience go for long hair because there is lot that goes behind long hair like proper care, good quality products, and a lot of maintenance.

If the men who are ready to do all for their long hair and have landed here in search of some good hairstyles, you are at absolutely right place. Check out these 7 Hairstyle ideas for men with long hair.

7 Hairstyle ideas for Men with long hair

  • Smooth Man Bun

    A sleek and smooth man bun could be a perfect long hair hairstyle when you have to pull on in formals as it would make you look more dapper.

  • Side Parted Hair

    When healthy long hair is side parted they give a good look to you and also side partition makes your hair look more bouncy.

  • Bun with side braids

    Braids aren’t really meant only for women. Men with long hair can literally try every kind of hairstyle. Infact you can go for a side braid followed by a bun.

  • Half Bun

    When you are in a real rush and don’t know what to do with your hair simply tie a half bun.

  • Half pony for Men

    Like I said men with long hair can literally go for any hairstyle or hair look they want so apart from braids and buns half pony is also something that you can definitely try out.

  • Messy Hair Bun

    It’s not always necessary to look sleek and tidy if you have long hair, there are so many other options you can try and on some days you can just go for a messy or a hipster look like a messy hair bun

  • Curl up

    Curl your hair up and just leave it open. Men with long and curly hair look quite fashionable and also among many runway male models all over the world this hairstyle is quite popular.

So yaa! These are some hairstyles that men with long hair can try and look great in. Let me know which hairstyle according to you was most appealing and capable of giving you good looks. We also have some Hairstyle Ideas to make your hair game strong. Thanks for reading.