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How To Cut Your Own Hair At Home- Quarantine Trim Guide!

A guide to make self haircut simple and easy during this quarantine…


When was the the last time you visited a barbershop? When was the last time you trimmed? If it’s been a long time, then we’re sure you must be missing your hairdresser more than anyone right now, aren’t you?

Due to the global pandemic, people are advised to stay at home and all the barber shops and hair salons are shut down.So what are you gonna do now? Let your hair grow long? Or take things in your own hand? If you’re wondering how and what, let us help you out! How to Cut Your Own Hair At Home ¬†this self haircut guide will give the best tips and also include an easy tutorial to cut your hair without messing things up…

While we do not recommend cutting hair at home, we know you are left with no choice right now. So first things first! Here is the list of things you’ll need before you start cutting your own hair..

  • A Basic Clipper Kit

  • A Right Pair Of Scissors

  • Handy Mirror

  • Thin Sheet or Towel to cover yourself up

Here are some of the best tips that will help you to cut your own hair at home …

Less is more

Always remember less is more.If you cut more hair off, you can’t put it back. So it is always better to start small. Start trimming small amount of hair first, go for a simple,subtle cut and you take your time with it.Cut a little bit off and then reassess.

Cover Yourself Up

When you’re about to give yourself a cool haircut,you need to cover yourself up! Avoid wearing anything that’s baggy, bulky, thick or sweater like.¬†

Instead drape a cape or use a thin sheet or towel around your neck and take a shower or rinse your hair once you’re done.

Get Help

Cutting your own hair can be a little tricky and also difficult. It is important to have a second hand to help.Now that your quarantined inside the house with your family member, roommate or your partner the least you could do is trust them and ask them for help. They can help you trim evenly and also trim the hair at the back of the neck which is nearly impossible to cut if done alone.

But if you’re all alone with no one to help. Don’t worry, you can use multiple mirrors or your smartphone camera when doing the back of you hair. Or use technology for help. Video call your hairstylist and let them where your stuck and how they can help you.

Consider the texture and length

Self -haircut can be hard if you have long, thick, straight and healthy hair. Also if you’re someone with short or textured hair, be careful as any mistake made would be easily spotted. For people with curly hair, you can have your moment and let your curls grow as it will only get better and not worse.

Only Trim, Don’t Style!

Remember you’re not a pro and this is definitely the first time that you will cut your own hair. So your primary focus is to just trim your hair. Do not try something new or restyle your hair. Right now, it’s important to only trim. If you want a new look you better wait for this whole pandemic thing to get over.

Be Patient and Relax

Take your time. Do not rush! Make sure you’re in good and relaxed mood before you start cutting your hair. You need to concentrate, so don’t be in a hurry.(You have no bus or train to catch) Be cautious and don’t mess things up.

If you do make mistakes,don’t panic and just calm down. Don’t cut more and avoid buzz cutting everything, this may make things more worse. Wait and have patience! There’s a solution for everything,so you too will find one.

Cutting your own hair at home can be difficult so to make things a bit easy here’s the video tutorial that you might need.Check out these videos and follow these tips for a perfect DIY haircut…

We are sure these tips and videos will help you to cut your own hair at home easily. Stay calm, stay positive and don’t rush into anything. And most importantly use the right products!

It’s time to take things in your hand, this might be hard but surely not impossible. Give it a shot, be confident and we’re sure you’ll do it. Also don’t worry if things go wrong, you have enough time to find a solution!

Tell us what are your thoughts on this? Are you going to let that hair grow or follow these tips and videos and give yourself a good trim?