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16 Easy Hair Care Tips For Men

Complete Hair Care Guide For Men

There’s no doubt that a man’s hair is an important part of his overall look. There is so much to consider in hair care – length, style, what products to use, when to cut it. Don’t worry, theunstitchd is here to help you with hair care routine and tips for men.

Here Are Few Hair Care Tips For Men To Follow:

Hair Care Guide

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1. Common mistake men make is over-washing hair which should be avoided ASAP.
2. Hair tends to be weak thus it’s advisable to gently dry your hair, don’t rub it.
3. Instead of comb-over go for a haircut that suits thinning hair look.
4. To strengthen the follicles from within try to use an egg conditioner.

Hair Care This Year

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5. Chlorine in the pool is very harmful and causes huge damage to hair thus men should apply conditioner or use swimming caps.
6. Avoid using too many hair products while styling as it can look unnatural and heavy.
7. If your hair looks dull and lifeless use a clarifying shampoo it will retain the shiny hair.
8. Make sure you are using right shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type.

Hair Care For Men In 2019

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9. Avoid using hair dryer instead let it dry naturally to avoid frizz.
10. Get a haircut done in every 4-6 weeks.
11. Know your scalp type before investing in hair care products.
12. Try going for cold water showers to lock the blood capillaries in scalp.

13. Stay natural and keep hair colouring, straightening and perming to the minimum.
14. Do not brush or comb your wet hair it can lead to hair damage.
15. Avoid wearing tight hats or caps as it can cause hair loss.
16. What you eat, it reflects thus eat healthy for health hair.