5 Essential Style & Grooming Tips For A Night At The Casino


A night at the casino is about more than just winning big. It’s about looking good, being confident, and making a statement. That means impeccable style and immaculate grooming.

If you’re planning a visit to a casino, it’s important to spend some time making yourself look good so you can feel good. Read on for five essential style and grooming tips you need for a night at the casino.

Know your games and techniques

Style is about more than the clothes you wear and the aftershave you use — it’s also about confidence. And being confident at the casino means knowing how to play each game correctly and, above all, patiently.

Don’t go in throwing money at the table and placing bets wildly — it’ll make you look like an amateur.

Instead, learn the rules and techniques associated with each game. Take blackjack, for instance. It’s more than just a random game of chance  — the best players use careful strategies when playing to give themselves a fighting advantage.

Learn the basic strategy tips of blackjack and other games on offer. Play a few games at home or online to increase your confidence first and you’ll surely impress when you head to the casino.

Don’t neglect personal comfort

Remember, you’ll probably be on your feet most of the time when you’re gambling. Not all casinos have seats at the tables, and even if they do, the pace and excitement of a hectic game will keep you on your feet.

Consequently, it pays to marry style with comfort. Smart black shoes might look good, but if they cut into your feet all night, you won’t just look in pain — it’ll throw your game off too. Opt for some comfortable suede shoes instead.

Finally, wear a jacket that feels comfortable — nothing too tight. You’ll want to keep your phone, wallet, and keys in your jacket, rather than your trousers, so make sure it has plenty of pockets to keep them all in.

If in doubt, go dark

While each casino has its own rules and dress stipulations, these can differ wildly from casino to casino. One establishment might have a strictly black-tie policy, while another is full of people wearing t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers.

If you’re ever not sure about the dress code of your casino — go dark. Black jeans or chinos paired with a sensible shoe (no trainers here) might not be as sharp as a tuxedo, but it’s a safe choice that’s better than the casual alternative.

Similarly, it’s also worth eschewing t-shirts altogether and opting for a nice, plain shirt. Again, while it doesn’t cut the same figure as a suit, it’s a good mid-way point that keeps you looking good and not standing out like a sore thumb.

Keep facial hair trim and tamed

Facial hair: love it or hate it, it’s a grooming choice that most men have to contend with. And if you do have a beard or mustache, it’s not exactly something you can just shave off before visiting a casino.

That said, it’s important that you do keep any facial hair immaculately sharp and groomed. The unkempt lumberjack-style beard might look great if you’re in a hipster bar or restaurant, but in a casino, it just looks untidy.

To that end, make sure the outline of your beard is straight as it can be — use a razor for a sharp line. And watch out for any errant strands breaking the hairline. Your mustache is one to watch for this. Use tweezers or some small scissors to keep your facial hair trim and smart.

Always stay hydrated

Casinos are often dark and warm. The absence of natural light and the often warm temperatures are a bid to keep you at the tables and ordering drinks. Consequently, it’s important to keep your skin (and yourself) hydrated.

Use a good moisturizer before heading to the casino to keep your skin hydrated. This keeps you looking and feeling good so you can concentrate on your game.

At the same time, remember to keep drinking glasses of water in between drinks. Drinking plenty of fluids doesn’t just keep your skin hydrated either — it also keeps your mind working at the peak of its game, vital for when you’re at the poker table.

If you’re heading to a online casino reviews, you need to dress for success or you can read online casino reviews. Use the tips above and create a flawless look that gives you the confidence you need to win big on the tables. Good luck!