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The Sexy And Masculine Faded Top Knot Hairstyles For Men

Faded Top Knot Hairstyles – Part Lines With Fade Top Knot, Faded Top Knot With Braid, Infographic, etc

The Sexy And Masculine Faded Top Knot Hairstyles For Men

There’s an old saying, go bold or go home? Well, this clean-cut, dapper top knot men’s style does just that. The Faded Top Knot Hairstyles for men is among the sexiest hairstyles of all time for men. This masculine top knot men’s style is a unique variation on the traditional top knot, which shows off natural textures like a charm. Fade itself is among the favourite hairstyles of men and top try it with the top knot is a good decision and it will elevate your style quotient.

These are the other types of Top Knot Hairstyles you need to know about:

Just as any latest hairstyles, the top knot hairstyle can also be complimented with a fade. Many choose the undercut over fade, but believe me the fade also looks classy and in some cases, better than the undercut. You can pair the side braid also along with the faded look. You may be familiar with the faded top knot if you are a soccer fan as it was exhibited by the Real Madrid superstar Gareth Bale and also by the legend David Beckham. If you are still thinking whether the faded top knot is a good idea then we assure you that you won’t regret getting the fade. Try making this your next hairstyle and thank us later.

The sharp angles around your hairline with the fade will emphasize the longer part that follows, also creating an eye-catching silhouette. After texturing your hair, give it a medium skin fade on the sides and back. You can make part lines on each side on the top. There are different styles and combinations to try along with the Fade.

Here are some of these combinations and trends to pair with The Faded Top Knot Hairstyles –

Part Lines With Fade Top Knot:

Part lines can be extremely funky if done well, Along with the fade if you sport a part line on one side or both the sides it will simply change the entire look making it even more pleasing to watch. It acts as a discontinuation between the side hair and the hair on top. The thicker the lines the better!

part line top knots

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Faded Top Knot With Braid:

Braided hairstyle is the favourite among men and looks classy when styled well. The fade with the braided hairstyle is also in trend since a few years and is still running the streets. Braids look glamorous and not everybody can flaunt it, but if done well, is really a game changer.

Faded Top Knot Hairstyles For Men
Faded Top Knot Hairstyles
2 Types Of Faded Top Knot Hairstyle For Men To Stand Out With Style