5 Simple Facial Skin Care Routine For Men To Follow

Here are 5 Easy and Simple Ways to take care of your facial skin..

5 Simple Facial Skin Care Routine For Men To Follow

Women are always too concerned about their skin. They take special care and follow a particular skin care routine for a healthy and glowing skin.But what about men? Do men also take that extra care of their skin? Do they regularly follow a facial skin care routine? If your answer to my question is NO! Then tell me, why?

Men’s skin requires as much as care a women’s skin might need.Your facial skin is delicate and sensitive. It needs to be taken care of. It is always exposed to harmful dust and dirt. You can’t take your skin for granted. So if you’re someone who still hasn’t realized the importance of skin care it’s high time you should! Just like your body needs food and exercise to be healthy, your skin too needs to be healthy to glow! And your skin care routine will be nothing but just exactly what your skin wants..

Men’s Facial Skin Care Routine is simple.It is no rocket science.It is just about consistency and commitment! Follow these 5 Simple and Easy Steps everyday and we’re sure you’ll have a clear and healthy skin.

Different Skin Types call for different skin care products and care. A dry skin will need extra moisturizing while an oily skin will need something else and a sensitive skin will need extra care. Whatever the case may be, these 5 Simple Steps can be followed by anyone.

Here are 5 Simple And Easy Facial Skin Care Routine for Men to Follow..

    • Cleaning, Toning and Moisturizing Your Skin

So the very first step of any skin care routine is cleaning or cleansing. Splash some water on (lukewarm if possible) and apply a bit of men’s face wash on your face. Do not use any ordinary soap or any kind of soap as it may have harmful chemicals that can damage your skin.

Apply the face wash throughout your face by lightly rubbing it in circular motion. Now rinse your face with some cool water as this will shrink your pores and prevent new dirt and oil from entering.

Next step is to use a toner that suits your skin type.Choose a toner that is natural and organic, avoid using anything that’s chemical based. A toner will help to balance the skin after cleansing and before applying a moisturizing cream.

It is one of the most important parts of your daily skin care routine, because a toner lowers the skins pH level. It gives the skin a quick hit of hydration and helps remove some dead cells off the surface of the skin.

Moisturizing your skin is very important. And you just can’t miss it! You gotta moisturize your skin with a men’s face moisturizer. Add a dime sized amount of your moisturizer to your entire face. Hydrating and moisturizing your face will prevent aging and wrinkles and will also prevent excess oil production.

Again choose a moisturizer that is full of natural ingredients and essential oils. Avoid chemicals in all cases and use more of natural and organic products.

5 Simple Facial Skin Care Routine For Men To Follow
Tips for Mens Facial Skincare Routine
  • Sunscreen, always apply sunscreens!

Applying a sunscreen before leaving your house is always a good idea.This too can’t be avoided and is an important part of your facial skin care routine.

You should always opt for a sunscreen with an SPF level of 30 or more.This sunscreen will provide the right amount of protection against the ultraviolet radiation. It will reduce the damage on your skin and also prevent tanning.

Easy and Simple Facial Skincare Routine for Men
  • Avoid Eye Wrinkles and Dark Circles

So did you know? The first part of the skin to age will be the area around your eyes! The eyes are very delicate.And the skin around the eyes lacks sweat and oil glands thus becoming dehydrated. Thus,to avoid eye wrinkles you’ll have to use a men’s eye cream in the morning and at night.

After you’re done moisturizing your face,you should apply a thin layer of your eye cream. Make sure it absorbs under the eye and around the eye socket. This will help reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Applying the eye cream after the anti-aging cream in the night will help to hydrate the skin cells and reduce wrinkles. And you don’t wanna look old at a young age right,do you? No obviously! So follow these simple steps do your skin care daily..

  • Take Care of Your Lips- Use Lip Balms

Okay so now Lip Balms aren’t only for the women. Men too, have to take care of their lips! I mean who doesn’t want soft and subtle lips? Everyone right? So don’t shy away from using a lip balm or lip gloss. Don’t let those lips dry. If you’re doing something for you face don’t forget to do your bit for your lips too!

  • Clean, Trim or Shave Your Beard

Growing a beard is easy but maintaining one isn’t! Whether it’s a stubble or a bandholz you have to take care if it! Use right beard products, a beard shampoo or a beard wax.Clean,wash,trim and shave your beard regularly with the right products. Or go clean shave if you want to!

A man’s beard is the most attractive thing on his face and so you can’t miss paying attention to your beard.Be careful and don’t just grow but maintain it well too!

Facial Skincare Routine For Men

So you see how simple yet important these facial skin care tips are! Just a little care and dedication from your side will do wonders to your skin. Don’t forget skin care is not just for women but men too. Your skin is equally important and doing just few things will keep your skin healthy and damage free. Don’t shy from investing in skin care products. Know and understand your skin type and take care of your skin. Follow these 5 Simple and Easy Facial Skin Care Routine daily and we’re sure you will love skin like nothing!

Skincare Routine for Men to Follow