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Know The Difference – Fade And Undercut Hairstyles

The fade style is also as much in style as the undercut and while the Fade And Undercut are two very similar styles there are some strong points of differences that can alter your style completely.

Know these differences in order to get the most out of your hairstyle :

1) The undercut style is not as short in length as the fade. The fade style goes shorter and shorter gradually till the hairline completely disappears thus this style is way shorter in length than the undercut.

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2) The Fade And Undercut style helps make your hair look more voluminous while the fade may push focus on fine hair if you have a thinning or hair loss or receding hairline trouble. Also the fade is suitable if you have a smaller face or a narrower face while the undercut is much more versatile.

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3) The undercut is a style in which the area where this style is adopted has a consistent length of hair be it the sides or the back. While the undercut is shorter than the rest of your hairstyle, but it is consistent in that patch. Thus it gives the strong contrasting effect while in case of fade, the hair length gradually reduces and then completely merges in with your scalp or nape of your neck.

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Fade Undercut Haircuts

The fade undercut is a cool and versatile haircut for men that combines these two modern styles to create a clean, fresh look. While there are several undercut fade examples to explore, the most popular variation is a high undercut that tapers into the skin. The high skin fade undercut can be paired with a slick back, quiff, pompadour or cropped top to achieve a masculine look


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