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5 Best Beard Styles for Black Men with Grooming Tips

As a black man, you have a wide variety of trendy beard looks to choose from. And, if you are looking for the latest facial hair fashions because you want to try a new style, look no further. We have five of the top beard styles for black men right here:

  1. A Full Beard

The full beard, which is self-explanatory, was the most popular beard for African-American men for years. Now, this sexy, retro look is back and it looks like it is here to stay for a while.

The full beard’s popularity never ceases. That is because no matter what your hair growth pattern is, the beard goes with nearly every face shape, and it can be sculpted in a variety of ways.

  1. The Permanent Five O’clock Shadow

A man sporting a five o’clock shadow can be seriously attractive. It is not just for the young, either. Men of all generations are clamoring for the irresistible look provided by three days of facial hair growth.

It may seem like a look that requires little maintenance, but don’t let appearances fool you. The laid-back style actually requires quite a bit of manscaping, including keeping the neck and cheeks clean-shaven and the facial hair moisturized. Also, a thorough beard trim every three days keeps the length consistent. 

A variation on this is the “barely-there” beard. A man sporting this trend will appear clean-shaven from far away, but up close you can see the subtle stubble. Simply let it grow to the same length every day, then trim accordingly to maintain this rough-around-the-edges style.

  1. The Simple Goatee

The uber-masculine goatee is a hot trend for black men right now. One of the top reasons for this is that it can be sculpted in so many different ways, but it still gets the same results – an influx of attention.

If you have a round face, you can connect it to your mustache, for a flattering style. You can grow the edges out thick, or trim them pencil-thin. No matter how you wear it, the goatee sure stands the test of time as an eye-catching look.

The soul patch is another type of goatee that is a bit different than the typical type. It consists of a strip of hair that connects the chin to the lower lip. But, not unlike a regular goatee, it looks so handsome with a mustache.

  1. A Creatively Carved Beard

Like their carved haircuts, younger black men rock carved beards because the intricate patterns give them carte blanche to express themselves and show the world who they really are.

However, the sculpted beard does require some barbering skills as well as some artistic talent to get the shape and curves just perfect. But, with the right dedication, you will get the fresh, original look you want. You just need a precision razor to perfectly sculpt the cheeks, mustache, goatee, and neck.

  1. Bearded and Bald

This is a classic style for black men that is rugged, yet quite debonair. It became popular because men that were going bald would shave their heads, but they could also still grow full, luxurious beards, so the two fashions eventually merged.

It works by allowing a thick beard to grow right up the ear, and then the hair ceases to exist after that.

These are some of the most popular beard styles for African-American men. Just remember, because black beard hair has a different texture than white or Asian hair, it needs special care, not unlike black head hair. As such, here are some maintenance tips:

  1. Moisturizing is Key

Of course, you would never use head hair products on your beard. Many of these products are too waxy or greasy and could cause irritation or acne. Instead, wash your beard with natural beard soaps or cleansing oils weekly. 

Then, use a beard oil, butter, or balm daily to condition your beard hair and moisturize the underlying skin. The best oils are made from unrefined jojoba and pure argan natural essential oils. And, remember, avoid beard oils with harsh ingredients and fragrances, since they tend to dry out black men’s beard hair. 

Beard oil works best when it is applied right after your shower when your face is still wet. This allows the facial hair to noticeably soften. 

If your beard is still fuzzy, curly, and generally untamed after using beard oil, there are also beard balms and butters to help you get the texture you are looking for. Beard balms and butters containing natural ingredients have all the moisturizers that beard oil does along with styling mousses to keep the facial hair hydrated and in place. Beard balms with shea butter are best because they moisturize the skin and hair at the same time.

  1. Styling your Beard

If a black man has truly unruly facial hair, he can use beard wax to keep his beard in place and on point. This product gets all the stray hairs in place so your look will come together. 

You only need a tiny bit to work. Just scrape a bit from the tin with your thumbnail and rub it between your fingers to melt it. Then, spread it generously on the area of your beard with the wild hairs and then style it to your liking. 

For combing, it’s best to get a beard comb that has smooth-edged teeth, such a wooden beard comb. They work best with black hair because they won’t break or damage it. However, if your beard is longer, you may prefer a facial hair brush. To prevent breakage, remember a boar-bristled beard brush is your best option. The bristles have natural scales, which are much gentler.

Another option for those are not completely enamored with their curly facial hair is to get it straightened. This can be done using certain chemicals, or simply by ironing it with heat. Either choice will allow your beard hair to become more flexible and manageable, if that is your preference. 

All that said, when it comes to styling, it is most important to get yourself your own clippers, beard trimmer, and a professional razor kit. Though it is probably wisest to get your first trim at the barbershop, after asking the right questions and observing, you should be able to care for your own beard afterward. That is why you will need proper equipment.

In conclusion, there is a huge selection of styles in which a black man can choose to groom his beard and other facial hair. Between the different looks listed here and the grooming tips that follow, you will be sure to get the look that you always wanted, but may have been afraid to try. 

Just remember, when your beard, clothes, shoes, and your haircut are all on point, you will look and feel confident, fresh, and sexy.

Alex Rogers

Alex is a beard aficionado who loves everything to do with men’s style and grooming. After discovering how much difference simple style and grooming made to his life; he started his blog and brand Norse Grooming to share valuable tips & products with others.