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5 Ways To Style Work Boots Outside of Work

Work boots aren’t just for work anymore. The same boots you wear on the job can become an integral part of your wardrobe even after the whistle has blown and you’re out on the town. Work boots can help you present a rugged image while still appearing fashionable and trendy. Best of all, you won’t have to change your shoes after leaving the office and heading out at night.

Here are five ways to style work boots outside of work:

Wear Them with Blue Jeans

Work boots go extremely well with casual jeans. They add a rustic and rugged feel to your ensemble and still help you look sharp. Most work boots are brown, so they contrast well with blue jeans. While this is the basic idea, there are many options and styles you can choose to include with this basic premise. Wearing a jacket, tee shirt, or sweater that either contrasts or picks up the color of the boots helps bring the look together. You can appear casual yet chic and be ready to look your best as you head out after work.

Match Them with a Leather Jacket

While jeans are the most obvious way to match work boots, they are far from your only option when you want to wear your work boots after hours. When the weather gets colder, work boots can look very trendy with a lined and stylish leather jacket. These jackets often have a fur lining or trim and those colors can easily pick up the color of your boots to make this look come together. This style is dressier than the jeans option but still looks casual and stylish.

You can also wear black denim jeans with your leather jacket for another trendy ensemble to go with your work boots.

Go with Slim Jeans

Slim jeans are another way to integrate your work boots into your evening wardrobe. They help you look dressier and when paired with an Oxford shirt and a handsome brown camel wool coat, they give you a trendy image that will impress your friends, dates, or co-workers.

Pair Them with Khakis

Work boots and khakis are another natural fit. Both are usually different shades of tan or brown and they contrast each other very well. You can easily match these with a nice button-down shirt and create a unique look for a casual night on the town. You’ll look smart, sophisticated, and strong in this ensemble which will be sure to impress your date or friends.

Wear Them with a Suit

It’s not typical, but work boots with a suit can make you stand out from the crowd and shows that you are bold and not afraid to be different. The right belt and tie can help pick up the color of the boots and help you create your own unique look the next time you head out after work.

There are many ways to style work boots outside of work these days. The well-dressed modern man has many options to choose from and can use work boots to make his own style statement