8 Ways To Care For Your Shoes

Complete Shoe Care Guide For Men

We all expect our shoes to look clean and new but we forget the fact that after wearing them you should maintain them correctly. Here are few shoe care hacks men should know.

Here Are 8 Things Men Should Know About Shoe Care In 2020

How To Clean Shoes?
How To Dry Shoes Fast?
How To Get Rid Of Shoe Odor?
How To Polish Shoes?
How To Clean Suede Shoes?
How To Clean Leather Shoes?
How To Protect Shoes?
How To Store Shoes?

How To Clean Shoes?

1. Wet A Paper Towel And Take Out Excess Water
2. Gently Wipe The Outside Of The Shoes
3. Let The Shoes Dry For 10 Minutes
4. Take A Damp Fabric Scrubber Or Old Toothbrush
5. Rub It On The Sole Up And Down To Remove The Dirt
6. Apply Some Ivory Soap On The Upper Part Of The Shoe
7. In Slow And Gentle Motion Massage It To Clean It Properly
8. Take A Damp Cloth And Wipe The Soap
9. Leave The Shoes To Dry For 15 Minutes

Shoe Care

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How To Dry Shoes Fast?

1. Remove The Shoe’s Insole
2. Hang It Outdoor To Dry
3. Open Up The Shoe Laces
4. Get Few Newspapers
5. Make Newspaper Balls And Stuff The Shoes
6. Keep The Shoes In A Dry Place Indoor
7. To Fasten The Process You Can Place It Close To A Heater Or Fan.
8. After Sometime Remove The Newspaper From The Shoe
9. Check If It’s Dry, If Not Stuff Newspaper Again

How To Get Rid Of Shoe Odor?

1. Wash Your Feet More Frequently
2. Use Anti-Bacterial Soap
3. Do Not Wear One Pair Of Shoes Every Day
4. Sprinkle Some Foot Powder In Shoes Before Wearing Them
5. Spray Odour Eaters Inside The Shoes
6. Go For Odour Eating Insole
7. Put The Shoes In A Plastic Bag And Place It In The Freezer
8. Put Some Baking Soda In A Coffee Filter At Place It Inside The Shoe
9. Put Rubbing Alcohol In A Spray Bottle And Spray It On The Insole

How To Polish Shoes?

1. Place Some Newspaper Below
2. Loosen The Lace And Remove It
3. Using A Brush Clean The Dirt
4. Use A Damp Cloth To Clean The Shoes
5. Wrap Clean Cloth Around Your First Two Fingers
6. Dip The Fingers In The Shoe Polish And Take A Small Amount Of It
7. Start Applying It Evenly All Over The Leather Shoe
8. Use Toothbrush For Better Results And Smooth Look
9. Let The Polish Dry For Few Minutes
10. Take A Polish Brush Or Dry Cloth And Buff
11. Make Sure It Is Done Evenly
12. For Extra Shine Damp A Peacie Of Cloth
13. Dap The Shoe With The Damp Cloth
14. Take A Tights, Ball It Up
15. Rub It Gently All Over

How To Clean Suede Shoes?

1. Stuff The Suede Shoes With Newspaper
2. Brush Gently Using Suede Brush
3. Use Stain Eraser For Set-In Stains
4. Dip Clean Cloth In White Vinegar Or Rubbing Alcohol
5. Rub The Cloth Gently Over The Strains
6. Using A Razor Shave The Suede Shoes To Get Smooth Look
7. Let It Dry For 15 Minutes
8. Fluff Up Shoes Using A Brush
9. Apply Suede Protectant Spray To Keep It Cleaner For Longer

Want To Make Your Shoes Look Brand New?

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How To Clean Leather Shoes?

1. Remove The Laces
2. Put Them In The Washing Machine To Wash
3. Use A Clean Cloth Or A Brush To Clean The Dirt On The Shoes
4. Mix Water And Soap/Dish Wash
5. Dip A Clean And Soft Cloth Into It
6. Clean The Exterior Surface Of The Leather Shoes Gently
7. Using Another Clean Cloth Clean The Soap
8. Apply Leather Conditioner
9. Let It Dry In Sun/Under The Fan/Near The Heater
10. Polish It For Better Look

How To Protect Shoes?

1. Lay Down Some Newspapers
2. Remove The Shoe Laces
3. Remove The Dirt Using A Brush Or A Clean Damp Cloth
4. Take A Shoe Protector Spray
5. Hold The Bottle At 20 Cm From The Shoe
6. Spray It Evenly All Over The Upper Surface
7. Do Not Wear Immediately
8. Allow It To Dry For At Least 30 Minutes

How To Store Shoes?

1. Use Shoe Trees For Leather Shoes
2. Stuff The Toecap With Newspaper Or Tissue To Store Strappy Shoes
3. Don’t Store Leather Shoes Near Direct Heat
4. Always Store Shoes In Dry Place
5. Clean Shoes Before Storing Them
6. Pick A Good Shoe Organizer
7. Use Wooden Shoe Horns For Formal Shoes