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Flip Flops vs Sliders- Which Is The Best Summer Shoe?

Summer is here which means it’s time to pack your winter boots and let your feet breathe some fresh air with the cool summer shoes. Now in this hot weather, you may reach out for flip flops or sliders. Both being a popular footwear choice for summer have their own pros and cons.

So to make your summer a little easy, breezy and comfortable we’ll help you choose the best shoes for the season.

Here’s our guide to help you understand the difference between Flip Flops and Sliders…

  • Flip flops

Flip flops have been around here for a very long time and are one of the world’s oldest shoes. They are easy to slip on,comfortable and are available in a variety of colors and styles.

The easiest way to spot a flip flop is by its strap.Flip flops have a Y-shaped strap that sits between the big toe and second toe.The strap splits between the two and connects to the sides. They are usually thick and are made from rubber, leather or plastic.

It’s summer and you’ll definitely be heading to the beach right? So wearing flip flops to the beach or around the swimming pool would be right. You can also wear them in and around the house. But don’t opt for flip flops when going for a hike or run.

Flip flops cannot protect your feet from wounds, injuries or blisters. Also wearing flip flops for a very long time can badly affect your feet and rest of the body too. Lack of arch support can affect one’s gait and posture too.

So before choosing to wear flip flops keep these things in mind.

  • Sliders

If you’re looking for something relaxed but stylish, then you must consider wearing sliders this summer.They are better than the flip flops in terms of comfort and versatility.

Sliders have a single or double strap that is often thick and is placed in front of the shoes. It usually goes from left to right. And let us tell you sliders can definitely make your summer outfit look on point so go buy yourself one now!  

When choosing sliders, you have a plethora of options to choose from. They are made from different materials like the rubber, leather, faux fur and more. Designers have also come up with new designs, styles, colors and patterns. All in all sliders are easier to dress up or down compared to flip flops.

Lastly, we’d say that flip flops are only better for pools and beaches. If you are thinking of wearing them around the streets we’d say DON’T! They look very informal and are not meant for the streets.

If you really wish to wear something light and casual then choose sliders instead. Sliders are perfect for summers.They are less casual, more comfortable and also very stylish! 

So now that you know the difference between the two you can choose wisely. Remember nothing is more important than comfort, no trend,no style! If it causes any sort of discomfort just don’t wear it. Now make your choice and up your style game this summer!