Balenciaga Shoes-The Cool and Chunky Daddy Shoes

Everybody’s current fashion favorite, the big and ugly daddy shoes- Balenciaga Shoes

Balenciaga shoes, the coolest and ugliest daddy shoes that are not going anywhere soon. A premium priced luxury fashion item, these shoes are every die hard sneakerhead’s favorite fashion trend.

The Balenciaga sneakers are known for its high quality material, triple-stacked sole and comfort. And so these shoes are also loved by many streetstyle stars and celebrities.

The best part about the Balenciaga shoes (also our favorite) is the multiple colorway. We love how the different colors make these shoes a total masterpiece.Also, the second best part is the Triple S benefit i. e the triple sole, which gives an added height to the shoes. Short and looking for some cool height boosting shoes? Then go grab these amazing Balenciaga Shoes.

Street Style Shoes for Men

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Check these Cool and Chunky Balenciaga Shoes..

Neon Green Balenciaga Shoes for Men

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Ugly Balenciaga Shoes for Men

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Now a lot of people complain about it being too big or chunky or overpriced. So let us tell you if styled right these big chunkies look dope. Also, we do agree with the fact that they come in the “expensive category of shoes”. But we also believe that these shoes are totally worth the price. The supreme quality and comfort of the shoes is unmatched. Not everybody can afford these but that is what makes it unique.

We are not really sure why these are called ugly but one thing we’re sure about is that we love them and you’ll love them too.